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The 5 Little Ducks (Printable PDF)


The 5 Little Ducks (Printable PDF)


This CORE vocabulary emergent reader was created to bring the joy of nursery rhymes to all students. 

These traditional rhymes are rewritten using CORE vocabulary, while still maintaining their classic value.

Each is told with simple, high frequency, functional language. We hope your students will enjoy practicing and reading with CORE! 
Reading this familiar tale helps to build confidence and expand students' reading and comprehension skills

20-page Emergent Reader of The 5 Little Ducks

+ Reading Comprehension Accompaniment 
      • Visuals for Characters 
      • Visuals for Settings
      • An Event Sequencing Task
      • 3 Visual Comprehension Questions
Use on your iPad/ tablet to save on printing costs. 
Teaching core vocabulary allows students the chance to do more than just get their needs and wants met, but to develop authentic language skills! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

I just read this to my students yesterday for the first time. Little did I know there was a song that goes along with it and they seemed to know what the arrow meant before I did! I'm always learning from my ASD kiddos! Thank YOU guys for making my life so easy!


Thanks for this resource!


I easily downloaded the information and was able to use it the next day. My Pre K kids loved it!


I loved this when I viewed it online. I was disappointed in the ability to print the booklet. The booklet was okay but the accompanied pieces( questions, setting, etc) did not print appropriately.

Hi Laura, Thank you so much for your feedback. I'm sorry to hear that the accompaniments printed funny for you. :( I'd love to help you however I can! Can you please provide a few more details on how it did not print appropriately for you? One suggestion I have without knowing any more details is to recommend that you to pre-select the 'fit' option on your printer settings. This is an awesome setting that you only need to click once and your printer will automatically auto fit the documents you print to 'fit' your page printer page settings. Krystie
Great purchase!

The books are perfect for my students. They love them because they can follow along easily and if they are learning to read they can red the pictures easily as well. Also, I love that they are easy to make and the comprehension questions at the end of the book are amazing!