Touch Point Addition Practice (Digital Interactive + Printable PDF)

$4.97 USD

Touch Point Addition Practice (Digital Interactive + Printable PDF)

$4.97 USD
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Print is extra large (for students with fine motor difficulties) to count independently. 

Single Digit 1-9: Addition Practice with Touch Points 1-9

41 pages of number focus pages 2 per number 
41 pages of mixed single digit addition- adding on practice

I am a huge fan of programs where students touch math problems, but I was disappointed that I could not find any worksheets with print large enough for my students (who struggle with fine motor skills) to showcase the skills they have.

As soon as I began using these worksheets my students began completing their work independently. I hope you experience similar results. 

This is the second step in the point and press addition series. Students must have the ability to count on from given numbers. 

Customer Reviews

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Cristine Moonan
Great large numbers

I love the large numbers. My daughter worked really well with these. I wish there was a little more space between each line (each addition). But other than that, we love it!

alessandra figueiredo

Good material! Print, laminate and bind a book to make easier to use , the kids can write the answer using a erase marker , then you can use and reuse many times ! Love this touch math 😍

Sarah Christina

Great resources for my students.

Linda Bukatko

I am always needing more practice with touch math-it is a great skill for my students and this helps them become proficient.

Ms Ks Class Creations

This is great extra practice and low prep!