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Digital Build a Scarecrow 3 No Prep Activities (Interactive Digital)


Digital Build a Scarecrow 3 No Prep Activities (Interactive Digital)


Interactive Build a Scarecrow Activity Set 

3 No Prep Google Slides Sets

    • Set 1: Matching
      • Drag and Drop the Pieces to Recreate the Same Expression 
      • 50 Interactive Slides
    • Set 2: Emotions 
      • ex: The Scarecrow feels happy, drag and drop the pieces to make a pumpkin that looks happy. 
      • 23 common emotions. Happy, sad, upset, anxious...
      • 56 Interactive Slides
    • Set 3: Make Your Own + Emotions
      • Make your own + How does it feel? Type in the emotion.
      • 63 Interactive Slides

PDF | 4 Pages | Click Link to Digital Materials 169 Pages 

The PDF download contains the links to the digital versions. 

You can use this on either a computer, Chromebook or tablet. 

Customer Reviews

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Can not seem to get it to work on the ipad for the students. When we click on the area it will bring up the scarecrow but then you can not move the items to make the image.


Hi Anita, Are you using the google slides version? After you download the PDF there’s are 3 pages that say “click here” each will take you to make your own copy of the activities. Once you’ve made your own copies your students should be able move the parts around. I’m also happy to help over the phone. 714-598-9550 Krystie