Social Narrative: Life with the Virus COVID 19

$3.97 USD

Social Narrative: Life with the Virus COVID 19

$3.97 USD
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Life with the Virus...

 The effects of Covid-19 are in some ways the same for all of us, and in some ways so different.

We've heard from some parents that their children are struggling with anxiety and fear over the epidemic.

For some this has included over-extending the 6 ft social distancing rule to include the people they live with. Others have been afraid to eat their favorite foods anymore for fear they have come into contact with the virus.

This social narrative addresses three aspects of life during the pandemic:

1) You do not have to practice social distancing with the people you live with at home.

2) You can go outside of the house (and even to to the store) with proper precautions in place.

3) It's still okay to eat foods from your favorite restaurants (Hello, takeout!). Restaurants are doing their part to keep us safe.

Editable text helps you to shape this narrative to suit your own needs.

Stay healthy and happy out there,

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Customer Reviews

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Thank you for the resource. The real look of the pictures help to get the students to attend and engage.


Can't wait to use these with both my students and my daughter. I love the real life pictures. So much easier to generalize to their environments.


Easy and clear to read!


Social Story contained all of our current rules for our digital learning and was easy for my students to understand. It really reinforced our rules for review lessons. Thank you!

Loreen Hansen
Perfect visual support

This book has really helped my students understand the changing world around them, It has helped them accept the new safety standards that are in place.