Task Cards: Do I have enough to pay with my card? (Printable PDF)

These task cards are perfect for my high school life skills class! I'm teaching my students how to pay with cards, and these task cards are teaching my students how to tell if they have enough money! Thanks for tackling such an important life skills for my special needs students! #specialneeds #lifeskills #adapted4specialed.com

Task Cards: Do I have enough to pay with my card? (Printable PDF)

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Money Awareness These task cards have your students determining if they have enough money to use their card to complete the purchase.  These are perfect for older students who are making purchases out in the community, or those kiddos who find pizza and money to be motivating to do math! 
Comes with  208 task cards in 4 differentiated levels

✓ 4 Levels of Differentiation!  We've got all of your student's levels covered.  Errorless, Yes/ No, Write It In, Do the Math: Find the New Balance. 
✓ Low Prep
✓ Data Sheets (that are also EDITABLE) 
✓ Functional Life Skill

PDF | 8.6 MB | 68 pages

All pictures are real photographs in order to encourage generalization and independence.

This set is part of our Menu Math Series. 

Customer Reviews

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Very good task cards

I appreciate the ease of use and the data sheets- great for my non-verbal transition studenys on the spectrum.

Love these!!

My students love working on life skills when they have things like this!


Another amazing product from my favorite TPTers! My kids loved it and I love how well it generalizes to real world examples!

Functional life skills

My students love doing task cards because they can work on them independently. These cards are perfect for teaching students purchasing/budgeting skills. Love that they are differentiated right down to the "errorless learning" level...allowing all students to be independent
and successful. Very functional and important skills taught in an engaging, interesting manner. Great value for the price! Now if we could only find a way to make printer cartridges less expensive!


Thank you for the great materials.