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I see... Animals 36 Book Set (Printable PDF) Emergent Readers + SPANISH Readers

$52.95 $35.97

I see... Animals 36 Book Set (Printable PDF) Emergent Readers + SPANISH Readers

$52.95 $35.97
Builds Confidence In Your Early Readers Differentiating is a breeze, when you have the right materials.

36 Digital Emergent Reader Animal Books 

✨ BONUS ✨ Limited time only get the complete set in Spanish too! 

6 Thematic Sets: 🐶 Pet Animals, 🐷 Farm Animals, 🦈 Sea Animals, 🐘 Zoo Animals, 🦁 Safari Animals and 🐦 Wild Animals.

Emergent Readers Animal Easy Readers AdaptEd 4 Special Ed Autism Dual Immersion Spanish English I see Readers

*This is not a physical product, and will be delivered via email.* 

6 Thematic Sets: 🐶 Pet Animals, 🐷 Farm Animals, 🦈 Sea Animals, 🐘 Zoo Animals, 🦁 Safari Animals and 🐦 Wild Animals.

Each set includes:

  • I see a (animal).   
  • I see a ______.  
  • Text Only 
  • I see a (animal) next to a (animal).   
  • I see a _______ next to a _________. 
  • Text Only
  • I see a (animal) and a (animal). 
  • I see a ____ and a _____. 
  • Text Only

🙋 Are these American spelling or Australian?  
American spelling. We are based in the United States. 

🙋 Will these be sent to me as real books or are they only digital?  

This is not a physical product. These books will be emailed to you immediately upon purchase. 📧 💻

🙋 Do you have these wonderful easy readers books in Spanish?  

Yes! We have translated them into Spanish as well as English. You get both the sets with this purchase! 

🙋 Do you have something similar using ASL or SEE signs. If not could you create the same books using sign language? 

Yes, we have a series of ASL emergent readers. Search "ASL" to find them. 

🙋 I purchased the 36 "I see" animal books. I cannot find how to actually download them.Please help!  

Your order should have been sent to you immediately upon purchase. If you've misplaced your download link, don't worry! Just click this link, enter your email address and your link will automatically resend to you! 

Resend Order Download Link

🙋 Do these come to you already premade, in book format with all the pieces ready for immediate use. 

Yes, we have a set of our 5 best sellers that are professionally bound and shipped to your door for $59.97. Click here to check them out. 

🙋 I would like to order the set of 36 Animal readers but first I'd like to know if they all have the same grammatical structure, e.g. I see a . . . 
If they have different structures can you please let me know which sentences are introduced in the set?  

All of the books begin with "I see a..." but there's 3 different version included. 

  1. I see a...
  2. I see an (animal) and an (animal)
  3. I see an (animal) next to an animal) 

🙋 How many pages per book?  

The books pages vary based on the number of animals in each set, but most books have about 18 pages. 

🙋 Are there 36 books or 36 pages?  

Books, not pages. :) This set includes 628 pages, and 36 books. 

Right now you can also get the entire set translated into Spanish as well! (extra 36 books and 628 pages.) 

Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Versatile adapted books

Great books with topics to please all children. Versatility to focus on a variety of goals.

Great books for emergent readers

I love these books! Clear and great photos.

Great Confidence Builders!

I used a set of the I see animals series of 6 books with a non verbal 15 year old emergent reader with only words and signs for some animals and he has taken off with them . He’s so proud that he can read theses books . We purchased board maker programme and are creating personalised books for him in a similar style and he is taking his readers home and requesting mum and dad read with him . He has grown in his confidence and now up to reading and verbalising and using key gestures for key animals . He is also pointing to every word and vocal approximation for each word of the sentence . He also uses the sentence strips to create and write his own sentences using the various pictures . We are overjoyed at his progress and his enthusiasm to continue to read . I just purchased the series of 36 I see animals books as they are invaluable in building a library of books for him to choose from and keep him growing and developing his love of reading . Thanks for the inspiration and valuable education tool to launch an emergent reader .

Emergent Readers

This product is visually pleasing, detailed, and well made! I would definitely recommend this product to any educator, parent, etc., who is working with children who are special needs or are just even beginning readers who are struggling. This is a wonderful product! Thank you!


Good materials I loved them as a mother I can practice with my son at home and share the same with his teacher