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Task Bin 5: Measuring Cups with Instant Snow (Ships to You)


Task Bin 5: Measuring Cups with Instant Snow (Ships to You)


The Task Bins Your Students Need to Thrive

Less Prep for You...Greater Success for Them! 

This versatile set builds a variety of life skills, and fractions.

Visual Cue Cards Included to Accompany 6 Task Bin Activities

Measuring Cups, Instant Snow & Hands-On Recipes  

Measuring Cups

Sort By Size (Small to Big, Big to Small)

 Matching Same 

Task Cards and Visuals to Practice Filling Measuring Cups Properly

Measuring Recipes: Students use the play snow and measuring cups to measuring out all of the ingredients (all snow) in the recipe. 

Counting by Fractions and Learning Equivalencies Task Cards

Visual Recipes

Step by step visual recipes, each step is shown on it's own page. 

1. Kinetic Sand (Sensory Visual Recipe) 2. Cloud Dough (Sensory Visual Recipe)  3. Marshmallow Squares (Visual Recipe) 

72 Page PDF delivered immediately upon purchase. 📧

  • Pack of 4 Plastic Measuring Cups 

    • 1/4 cup, 1/3 cup, 1/2 cup, 1 cup 

  • A package of instant snow powder. 

    • Powder expands to be 100x the size instantly. 
    • Package makes 2 gallons after mixed with water.  
  • Task Bins and Bowls Sold Separately: Instant Snow Mix and Measuring Spoons are delivered to your door. 

Measuring Cups and Instant Snow Powder 

Delivered Within 1 Week in the USA.

Due to COVID-19 Shipping Times Are Slower Than Usual


Ships Same Day if Ordered Before 12:00  PM PST. 📦

Task Bin of the Month Club Members: This set is your December Task Box and will Ship to You the first week of December.

Customer Reviews

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Measuring snow task bin

This is a great product. The kids enjoyed making the snow and learning about measurement all at the same time.