20 Weeks of AAC Teletherapy Lessons: "This resource is amazing and has saved me hours of lesson planning!" -Brigid

AAC Teletherapy 20 Weeks of Core Vocabulary Lessons: Animates E-Books Interactive Activity Introductory Game Parent Handout Movement Break Video or Book Activity
Core Vocabulary: Just 350 words make up 80% of what we say. Teaching these high frequency words opens up a world of communication for special learners.
Animated Books: Your students tap or click brings each page to life. There interactive adapted books are designed to be used digitally and include fun animations that will keep them interested.
Uncomplicated: follow the easy lesson guides for an engaging lesson you'll both enjoy. Perfect for therapists, teachers, paraeducators and parents at home.
Up level your teletherapy: the animated lessons you need to keep your students engaged are ready to go. Order now and they can be in your students hands in a few clicks.
This set is delivered via email. No need to wait for any packages to arrive.

20 Weeks of AAC Teletherapy Lessons: "This resource is amazing and has saved me hours of lesson planning!" -Brigid

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Craving pre-made lesson plans?

Meg Mott, M.S CCC-SLP and autism mom, is creating robust core vocabulary lesson plans to engage her students with complex communication needs. And she's sharing the love with YOU!

Dedicating 8-10 hours of her time and expertise weekly, Meg creates a well-rounded set of materials that she knows will work for a wide range of students.

Weekly Materials Will Include:

✔️ Introductory Game

✔️ Animated E-Book

✔️ Movement Break

✔️ Interactive Activity

✔️ Additional Video/Book Activity

✔️ Parent Handout

✔️ Homework

Want a trial? Get the first week's lessons for just $1.00. 

These core vocabulary plans take the most common words used in everyday language and teaches them in context - opening up a world of communication for special learners. The following focus words that will be covered in the materials. (This list is written in the order the materials will be released.)

Core Vocabulary Focus Words:

  • Go (2 lessons)
  • Turn (2 lessons)
  • Eat
  • Come
  • Put
  • Help
  • Not/Don't 2 Lessons
  • Like
  • Open
  • Want
  • All Done
  • More
  • What?
  • I/You
  • On
  • Off
  • Drink

Weekly Lesson Plans

Introductory Game: Every lesson plan comes with a low-pressure game or activity to help introduce the target core word. These games are individually crafted for each specific lesson.

Animated E-Book: Real images are carefully collected and arranged in each book, resulting in unique and aesthetically pleasing material. Each book page (a minimum of 10 pages per book) has a moving component to grab attention and keep students engaged.

Movement Break: It's crucial to recognize that students need time to move their bodies (especially with all of the screen-time in the current world). Each lesson plan comes with a suggested movement break that is related to the target core word. These range from simple (links for dance videos) to more complex (games designed around movement).

Additional Activity: All lesson plans include an extra activity that may center around a song, a video, a book or even a guided drawing.

Parent Handout: We are all about supporting our students to the fullest. Core vocabulary, like anything, has its best chance of success when it is used across settings. Parent handouts are provided for each core word to ensure that parents have some direction for practicing core vocabulary at home!

Homework: Each lesson includes a simple homework activity. These are easily shared with parents electronically. From a "book report" that can be used any week, to specific homework based on a target word- we've got you covered. 

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AAC Core word lessons

This resource is amazing and has saved me hours of lesson planning! Thank you!


Your work is well thought out, easy to use, and perfect for teaching CORE vocabulary to students! Can’t wait to keep getting additional lessons!

AAC Core Books

I have been using these with a lot of my students that use AAC as we just switched to distance learning. I have loved how much language they elicit, while being engaging for my elementary students!

Love this!

My son loves the animated books, and they're a great way to practice core words! An excellent deal, too!

Game Changer!

During this time of virtual learning, this product has been a game changer. I am able to use this with my non verbal students using SGD and core word boards. I love the format as I too incorporate songs and books. I love that the books are interactive; it makes it more engaging for my students. Using the Core Word books and activities allows me to instruct the parents on how to model and the scavenger hunt activities are fun for the student and the parent to do together. I also like the activities that I can share with the parent afterwards so that they can continue to engage and model, model, model language on the AAC systems throughout their day, beyond their time with me.