Social Skills Stories: Life Events

Grieving The Loss of a Loved One: Grieving the Loss of a Loved One is a social skills story that helps children understand, process, and heal from the loss of a loved one. The story is 14 pages long and is perfect for students who are experiencing grief from a recent death.

Moving: Are you moving? This social skills story is perfect for helping your kiddo understand what's happening. With vibrant photographs and an easy-to-understand text, your child will be ready to move. 

New Baby: If you're looking for a way to help prepare your little one for the arrival of a new baby, look no further than Social Skills Stories: New Baby. This 14-page social narrative story describes what happens when a new baby comes home, from meeting them for the first time to watching mom and dad spend time with the new addition. It's designed to ease any anxieties your child may have about the change in family dynamics, and reassure them that they're still loved just as much. Plus, it's editable. Fill it with their own pictures that will keep them engaged from start to finish. So if you want your child to feel excited and welcome about the new addition - rather than anxious or scared - pick up a copy

Broken Leg: Social Skills Story: Broken Leg is the perfect story for kids who want to know what happens when you break your leg. This 19-page social narrative includes colorful illustrations and describes each step of the process, from getting a cast to healing properly.

Broken Arm: With Social Skills Story: Broken Arm, you will have everything you need to explain what happened when you broke your arm. This 18-page social narrative describes each step of the process, from getting a cast to healing properly. You'll be able to keep it simple and focus on the fact that you got hurt - but don't worry, we've got you covered!

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