Meg (SLP), Krystie (SPED Teacher and AT Specialist)

  • ✌️ We believe EVERYONE can make progress and in not giving up when progress is slow.

  • 📚 We believe reading is the most important life skill we can teach, and we never give up on teaching a student how to read.

  • 🤐 We believe being non-verbal is not the same thing as having nothing to say.

  • 🤞 We believe in following the lead of our students.

  • 👩‍🏫 We believe teachers should be free to teach, and not get buried under mounds of paperwork. 

  • 💪 We believe our combined expertise areas allows us to create products that truly help students achieve new skills.

  • 🏚️ 🚫 We believe special education is a service, not an old storage unit in the back of the school.

  • 👍 We believe our students are capable of doing great things. 

  • 🙌 We believe in celebrating our students unique gifts and talents.

  • 🙏 We believe in high fives.

  • 🙇 We believe in making it right when we screw up.

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