AdaptEd Phonics: Set 1 (Ships to You)

AdaptEd Phonics: Set 1 (Ships to You)
AdaptEd Phonics: Set 1 (Ships to You)
AdaptEd Phonics: Set 1 (Ships to You)
AdaptEd Phonics: Set 1 (Ships to You)
AdaptEd Phonics: Set 1 (Ships to You)
AdaptEd Phonics: Set 1 (Ships to You)
AdaptEd Phonics: Set 1 (Ships to You)
AdaptEd Phonics: Set 1 (Ships to You)

AdaptEd Phonics: Set 1 (Ships to You)

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In only 10 minutes a day, you can teach a special learner how to READ! 

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How it works?  Teaching Timeline... 

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STEP 1: Order

Order your set today and get everything you need to turn your non-reader into a reader. 

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STEP 2: Lessons

Lessons can be completed in just 10 minutes a day!
Simply follow the lessons and you'll see growth in no time!

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STEP 3: Reader!

Feel their joy and excitement when they read their first book independently. 

Designed to Meet the Unique Needs of Special Learners 

Lessons Can Be Completed in Just 10 Minutes a Day! 

AdaptEd Phonics was created so that people of ALL ages and abilities can be given the proper tools and skills to learn HOW TO READ with resources that are not only level-appropriate, but age-appropriate as well.

Using REAL images and a sure-and-steady approach to learning skills, it is designed to turn non-readers into independent readers at the end of just the first set.

No Childish Clipart- All Real Photographs!

Adaptable to Each Student! One size fits all doesn't work in SPED. 

Uses Research Based Principles to TEACH reading. 

Adaptable to Each Student

Our program is built using the latest research in reading and special education to provide the most comprehensive, direct, and effective phonics instruction around.

AdaptEd Phonics “reverse-engineers” the process of reading and breaks it down into individual essential building blocks and components so that students can build their skills gradually and at their own leveled pace.

Students start out learning letter-sound correspondence, and then gradually work their way through sound blending, sound segmentation, decoding, and learning sight words. All of those skills are eventually combined together to read simple phrases and sentences, and finally the ultimate goal of independently reading an entire book!

  • Breaks reading instruction into essential building blocks.
  • Pace of instruction is determined by student progress. 
  • Works with individual with complex communication needs. 

Designed to Meet the Unique Needs of AAC Users and Diverse Communicators

Lessons include many visual supports and is ideal for students with diverse communication needs.

Works with AAC users and non-verbal students. Unlike traditional reading programs, verbal communication is not a prerequisite. Students must only have a consistent response to indicate what they are saying the correct answer is. That can be using their AAC device, signing, pointing, or however the student communicates. 

  • Breaks reading instruction into essential building blocks.
  • Includes ALL of the Visual Supports

From letter sounds to reading their first easy reader independently and everything in between! 

  • Student Workbook and Lesson Plan Guide 
  • 10 Letter Sound Correspondence Books
  • 6 Shared Readers 
  • 2 Independent Readers 

We recommend purchasing 1 student workbook per child.
Student workbook includes cut out cards for hands-on practice.   

Shipping and Handling 

This set of books in professionally printed to order in the United States.

Due to COVID shipping is taking longer than normal. Delivery is 3-4 weeks after purchase.

We're delivering to the US only right now. After COVID international delivery to Canada and Australia will resume. 

The Program

All in 1 workbook let's you keep everything in 1 place and makes tracking progress a breeze.

Lessons, data sheets, sample IEP goals, and all of the visual supports you need to teach the essential blocks of reading.

Our student workbook and guide includes lessons to master these essential reading skills:

  • Letter Sound Correspondence
  • Sound Blending
  • Sound Segmentation 
  • Decoding 
  • Sight Words

 Lesson plans are explained at the beginning of each section so any adult can follow along and work with students as they begin their reading journey. 

Master the Letter Sounds

In this set we include a single book for each phoneme (sound).

10 Letter-Sound Correspondence Books

  • B, C, Short A, F, H, Short I, J, K, M, P

These books can be read by non-readers independently improving confidence while building their phonics skills.

Each page has a visual and reads the letter name, the picture, followed by the letter sound.

And for students with more significant needs should be read the letter sound, picture, letter sound. Because the letter name is not essential for reading, but the sound is.

Decoding skills + Reading Comprehension

These fun readers include target words, simple sight words and visually supported reading comprehension questions so students can improve both their reading and understanding of what they read.

6 Shared Readers

  • Cam the Cab
  • Sam Told A Fib
  • Kim Needs a Bib
  • What Happened to the Jam?
  • Dan and His Caps
  • The Treasure Map

These readers are full of reading comprehension questions with visual supports, so you can work on comprehension at the same time as building decoding skills. 

These fun books are the culminating activities for AdaptEd Phonics Set

Students may being instruction with no reading knowledge and will finish this set by reading 2 independent books. These independent readers are silly and highly repetitive, but they are a huge accomplishment that should be celebrated!

2 Independent Readers

  • Oh no!
  • Bam!

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So what are you waiting for?
Let’s get your students reading!

Imagine how different their lives will be because you spent 10 minutes a day teaching them how to read....