Social Skills Stories: Class Expectations

Keeping My Clothes on at School Is your student/child having trouble keeping their clothes on at school?

If so, we've got the perfect solution! Our Keeping Your Clothes On Social Skills Story will help them understand why it's important to keep their clothes on, and give them the tools they need to stay clothed in public situations.

With this resource, you can create a personalized plan that will help your student succeed both at school and at home.

So why wait? Get started today and see the difference it makes!

Keeping My Shoes on at School 

Looking for a way to help your students with special needs learn about keeping their shoes on at school?

This 7-page narrative provides direct instruction on why it's important to keep your shoes on at school, and can be used before an upcoming event or read regularly as part of your social skills curriculum.

Think, Pair, Share If you're looking for a social story that describes how to have a successful classroom conversation, look no further than Classroom Conversations: Think, Pair, Share. This 9-page story uses simple language and visuals to describe what teachers are looking for to create an effective learning environment.

Controlling My Volume Looking to improve your child's social skills? This story is perfect for teaching kids about the importance of controlling their volume in different situations.

With a helpful chart included, this story makes it easy for kids to understand when they need to be quieter and when it's okay to let loose.

Finishing the Job No one's perfect, least of all when it comes to completing tasks.

This Social Skills Story: Completing My Work is designed to help kids understand why it's important to finish what they've started and offers some tips on how to do so.

From asking for help to taking a break, this story has everything kids need to know so they can complete their work and feel good about themselves!

I Will Not Answer for Others This 10-page social story is the perfect way to teach your students about the importance of not answering for others during class. 

With engaging and simple text, this story will capture your students' attention while also providing a valuable lesson.

By the end of the story, your students will better understand why it's important to wait your turn and let the teacher handle things.

Taking My Time With My Work This 10-page social narrative discusses that taking your time on work matters a lot! The faster you go the messier things can get...

Not only that, but if you work too fast then more of your answers might be wrong!

So take your time and do one assignment well, because when you take your time with school work good work just comes out.

With our Social Narrative: Taking My Time with My Work, students learn how it feels good to take their time at school!

Using My Phone This story 11-page social narrative discussed the "rules" associated with bringing your phone to school.

When you can use it, when you cannot... and the importance of putting it away when asked to. 

Respecting School Property  Have you ever had a student destroy school property on purpose?

It's frustrating... and sometimes it feels like we're not being heard when we try to talk to  about why their behavior is wrong.

This 8 page social narrative helps start the conversation with students on why destroying school property is wrong and how they can show respect for their learning environment. 

Joining My Class | Back to Class This story is the perfect tool to help your students transition back into the classroom after pull-out services.

It walks them through all the steps they need to take to rejoin their classmates quickly and quietly, so they can get back to learning in no time.

With this story, you'll have your students feeling confident and prepared for anything!

Elopement can be a scary and challenging behavior for children, parents and teachers.

If your child/student  is struggling with elopement, this social skills story may help.

The story discusses the importance of talking to a teacher before leaving the classroom. 

It also empowers the learners with options of things that can say or do when they feel like they need to "get away". 

Watching Videos at School  Are you concerned about what your child/student is watching at school? Videos can be a great learning tool, but it's important to choose wisely. This social skills story will help students understand the types of videos that are okay for school viewing- and the types that are not. With this guide, you can relax knowing your child is getting the most out of their educational experience.

Listening Good listening skills are so important! This social story helps explain what it means to be a good listener.

Through engaging photographs and simple text, it covers the basics of why listening is important and how to be a good listener.

A great tool for teaching kids the importance of paying attention and staying focused.

Personal Space Looking to teach your student/child about personal space? Look no further than our Social Skills Story: Personal Space. 

This 9-page story covers everything from why personal space is important to how to give people the appropriate amount of space. 

It's a great way to introduce the concept of personal space in a fun and engaging way!

Being Silly vs. Being Serious  Social Skills Story: Silly vs. Serious is the perfect guide for kids who want to know when it's okay to be silly and when they need to be serious.

With 12 engaging pages, this story explains that there are times for both and helps kids learn how to navigate social situations with ease.

Accepting Feedback This social story is perfect for helping students learn to accept constructive criticism in a healthy way.

By explaining why feedback is important, and describing some of the steps that can be taken to deal with any frustration or upset feelings, this story will help your students understand and cope with the process of receiving feedback.

Wearing My Glasses It can be tough when adults ask you to do something that you're not sure why. With Social Skills Story: Wearing My Glasses, your student/child will learn the importance of wearing their glasses.

The story takes your child through a day in the life of an adult who needs to wear glasses, and helps them understand why it's important to do so.

With real photographs and easy-to-read text, this story is perfect for helping kids understand why they need to wear their glasses.

I Get Upset When I Don’t Get Called On  Have you ever been upset because you didn't get called on in class? It can feel like your teacher is ignoring you, but that's not the case at all!

Your teacher is just trying to make sure everyone has a chance to answer.

This social skills story will help explain why getting called on isn't always fair, and why it's important to let your classmates have a chance to answer questions too. 

I’m Responsible for My Things  If you're looking for a way to teach your child about the importance of being responsible for their things at school, then this social skills story is perfect for you!

With clear, concise editable text, it outlines all the steps necessary for taking care of belongings, from putting them away properly to keeping track of them.

Plus, it's a great way to encourage being responsible in general!

When Other Students Have Big Feelings  this social skills story is the perfect tool to help open up a discussion about unexpected behaviors by  classmates.

By exploring how a student might feel when another classmate displays big emotions, this social narrative provides a foundation for understanding and coping with these types of situations.

When Time is Up  Transitions can be very difficult. Honor that difficulty by approaching transitions with understanding and clear strategies that serve the needs of neurodivergent students.

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