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The school day is full of transitions. Autistic and neurodivergent students may experience difficulty transitioning between activities or places. It is important to recognize this difficulty and how it affects students. No matter the transition,  students benefit from direct support helping them to understand changes, expectations and what they can do about them to be ultimately successful.  

Stopping When Time is Up is a critical social skills story for many students. There are many reasons that a student may have difficulty transitioning between activities, so this story addresses the topic in a positive and neurodiversity affirming manner. It includes transition strategies for students that are practical for both teachers and students. And, importantly, this story explores the necessary role of self advocacy when a student simply needs more time.

Many students in special education will experience the unique transition of returning to their classroom after receiving specific supports, such as heading back to class after seeing a speech language pathologist or occupational therapist. School transitions that set a student apart from their peers can be particularly challenging. Joining My Class is a social skills story helps students to know what they can expect and explore the best ways to re-enter their classroom.

Looking to help ease the anxiety of moving to a new grade level? Getting a New Class is a useful and positive social skills story that will help students transition to the next stage of their education.

Have a student moving from on from elementary school? Explore the new terrain of middle school with Going To Middle School. It encourages pride in graduating from elementary school, but carefully addresses the common fears around going to a new school: new school building, new classes, new teachers, and both familiar and new friends. Parents and teachers alike can help to prep students for this change.

Has your child or student made it to that critical transition to high school? Then Going to High School can help them learn about the changes ahead. They'll even learn the term for students heading to high school for the first time: freshmen!

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