Neurodiversity Training Handbook Resource Toolkit (Digital PDF Version)

$19.97 USD

Neurodiversity Training Handbook Resource Toolkit (Digital PDF Version)

$19.97 USD
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Awesome Handbook for EVERYONE

This is a complete and concise handbook for not just teachers and classroom professionals, but parents and adult leaders of any youth programs can benefit as well. My daughter is neurodivergent (ND) and I've found that it can be a struggle to work with some of her other (ND) friends because you don't always know a lot about their different diagnoses. You can read this handbook cover to cover or keep it on your desk to quickly refresh different techniques and strategies. THANK YOU!

Vanessa Adolphe

How can I review if I haven’t received it yet.

Bren Schock
I haven’t received it yet and have not been notified if it’s been shipped.

See above

Donna Smith

Hi guys very happy with my book it’s awesome being a teacher in childcare helps me understand more and help children to regulate there behaviour with the strategies in the book thanks so much for all
You input with the book very very happy

Thank you for your positive feedback on our Neurodiversity Training Handbook! We are so glad to hear that the strategies in our book have helped you in your role as a teacher in childcare. Thank you for all that you do to support and regulate children's behavior. Your satisfaction is our top priority and we appreciate your kind words. Thank you for choosing our resource toolkit.

Eileen Wolf
Valuable resource

I was impressed with the clear and easy to understand info. It is no doubt a valuable resource. It's worth the cost, and will support your child


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