Social Skills Stories: Special Events at School

The Social Skills Story: Fire Alarm is the perfect way to teach your students with special needs about fire drills and fire alarms. This story contains material specifically designed for students with autism, and it helps to prepare them for these loud, scary sounds.

Field Trip: Going on a field trip can be an exciting experience for most students. But it can also be a bit nerve-wracking, especially if they're not used to changes in their routine. That's why this social story is such a helpful tool. It explains in detail what to expect during a field trip, from the departure time to the return home. This way, your students will feel prepared and confident for their adventure!

Substitute Teacher: When your regular teacher is out sick, a substitute will come to school and take their place. This Social Skills Story helps prepare your students about what to expect from a substitute, including things that might be different from your regular lessons.

Spring Break is Coming: Is your child/student looking forward to spring break? Chances are, they're excited for a week off from school. 

But for neurodivergent kids, change can be stressful. That's why we've created the Social Skills Story: Spring Break is Coming. 

This 12 page social narrative will help prepare your child/student for the changes in routine that come with spring break. 

They'll know what to expect and how to cope with any challenges that arise. 

So why wait? Get your copy of the Social Skills Story: Spring Break is Coming today!

Winter/Christmas Break:  Introducing the Social Skills Story: Winter/Christmas Break! This 14-page social narrative discusses all the changes that come with winter break - from no school to different family traditions. Many of our students find that their routine helps them to feel safe, because they know what is coming next. 

But winter break means breaking from the routine and all the changes may make them anxious. This social narrative gives you the opportunity to start that conversation about what the routine on break will look like. Whether your students are excited or apprehensive about winter break, this story will help them feel safe and ready for all the changes ahead!

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