Bathroom Social Skills Stories/ Potty Training

When it comes to the world of the bathroom, there are many challenges for students with special needs.  Whether it be potty training or toilet training, learning how to use a public restroom, knowing what to do with your clothes, how to effectively wash hands or how to use toilet paper, having a simple and concise way to explore the topic is helpful for all involved.

Have a child or student who is potty training or toilet training? You'll want to support learners through the process with Toilet Accidents: a Social Skills Story.  Accidents are bound to happen, so they are explored with a nonjudgmental attitude.  Students learn what to do when a bathroom accident occurs.

Trouble with wiping?  You aren't alone!  I Can Wipe Myself takes students through a step-by-step process for cleaning themselves after using the toilet.  No shame- just a comfortable lesson in how to use toilet paper to wipe and keep your body clean.  

Are public restrooms creating a challenge for your child or student?  They aren't alone!  There are MANY factors that make going to the bathroom in the community hard: anxiety, sensory differences, and knowledge around bathroom expectations like locking the door and even when to pull down your pants.  Using Public Restrooms addresses these topics in a straight-forward way.

Toilet Accidents: If your child/student has been struggling with bathroom accidents, this fun and engaging social story can help.

The story takes a look at what happens when someone has an accident at school, how they might feel, and the steps that will be taken to help them.

With beautiful illustrations and real-life photos, this story is perfect for helping kids prepare for any accidents that may occur.

I Can Wipe Myself: Looking for a quick and easy way to teach your student/child about personal hygiene in the restroom?

Look no further than the Bathroom Social Skills Story: I Can Wipe Myself.

This 12-page social story describes how and why it's important to wipe yourself after going to the restroom, perfect for kids who are just learning about proper bathroom hygiene.

With colorful photographs and simple text, this social skills story is sure to grab your student's/child's attention and help them learn the importance of proper bathroom hygiene in a fun and entertaining way.

Bathroom Social Skills Story: I Can Wipe Myself is the perfect way to help your student/child learn about proper bathroom etiquette.

Featuring real photographs and simple text, this social skills story will grab your child's attention and help them learn how to wipe themselves properly in a fun and easy to understand way.

Passing Gas/ Farting:  If you're like most people, you'll probably pass gas at some point today. But what should you do if it happens? 

This bathroom social skills story will teach you everything you need to know about passing gas in polite company. 

It discusses why we pass gas and how to behave when someone else does. 

With this story, you'll never have to worry about embarrassing yourself again!
Leaving My Clothes On In the Bathroom 
Bathroom Social Skills Story: Keeping My Clothes on in the Bathroom is a must-have resource for any student struggling with keeping their clothes on in the restroom. 

This 8-page social skills story describes keeping your pants at your ankles when using the restroom instead of taking them all the way off.
With clear text and fun, engaging photographs, this bathroom social skills story will help any student feel confident about using the bathroom at school!
Looking for a fun and engaging way to teach your child about bathroom behavior? Look no further than Social Skills Stories Bathroom Bundle. This set of 6 social skills stories describes a variety of bathroom scenarios they're likely to encounter and discusses how to best deal with each situation. From toilet accidents to washing hands, this bundle has everything you need to help your child learn about appropriate bathroom behavior. Plus, save over 30% by purchasing this bundle!
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