Puberty Social Skills Stories

Are you students hitting that difficult age when your body is changing and growing faster than you know what to do with?

Puberty can be confusing, but don't worry - we've got the perfect social narratives to help you get them through it!

With helpful photographs and straightforward language, our puberty social skills stories will have them feeling confident in no time.

Our Using a Pad Social Skills Story describes in detail how to put on a menstrual pad, what to do to stay clean, and puts an end to any confusion or mystery around getting your period.

Social Skills Story: Getting My Period, the perfect resource for girls who are starting to menstruate. 
This social narrative describes girls getting their period in a very matter-of-fact way, taking away the awkward feelings around this topic. It's a great resource for any woman on the autism spectrum who is experiencing puberty for the first time.

Masturbation Social Skills Story is an essential resource for teaching appropriate vs. inappropriate settings for masturbating.

This social narrative helps students learn the necessary skills to reduce their masturbation activities in the classroom/public places, alleviating stress for all participants.

Looking for a way to help your child/student understand why and how to use deodorant?

Social Skills Stories: Deodorant is the perfect resource, packed with 15 pages of real-life photos and engaging text.

This social narrative describes why using deodorant can be a good idea - it's not just about smelling nice! - and helps kids feel confident about wearing it.

Perfect for children with autism or other special needs, this book will hit every point.

Getting a bra is a rite of passage for girls, and this social narrative outlines the steps involved in making that happen.

From understanding why bras are worn to picking out the perfect one, this story will help girls feel confident and prepared as they make this transition.

With simple language and real photographs, this story is perfect for girls who are going through puberty.

Going through puberty can be a confusing time for boys, but with this handy social narrative, they'll have a better understanding of why their voice changes during that time. The story is easy to follow and reassuring, letting boys know that everyone goes through the voice-cracking stage during puberty.

If you're a young man getting ready to enter puberty, then you need to know about erections. This social story describes what an erection is, why they happen, and how to handle them in public. It's important to learn these things before you get yourself into any tricky situations! With this story, you'll be able to approach puberty with confidence and knowledge.

Help your young man feel confident and prepared as he enters into the world of shaving with this helpful social story. With clear, concise steps and illustrations, this guide will help him smoothly navigate through the process. With your support, he'll be able to handle shaving like a pro in no time!

Acne is something that happens to all young people during puberty; it's normal, and can be a source of embarrassment. Our social narrative helps kids understand and cope with pimples, in a way that is painless and comforting.

Unrequited love can be tough to deal with, but this helpful social story can make the process a bit easier. With engaging visuals and a relatable story, kids will understand what's happening and learn some coping strategies. A great resource for counselors and educators alike.

Social Skills Story: Puberty: I have a Boyfriend/ Girlfriend is a handy guide for tweens and young teens who are starting to explore their romantic feelings. This 10-page story describes the "Rules" that go with having a boyfriend or girlfriend at school. The story focuses on what behavior is appropriate at school, and what behavior you should ask a trusted adult about. If your child is asking about dating rules, or you want to start a conversation about them, this social story is the perfect way to do it!

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