7 Benefits of Using Task Bins To Teach Special Needs Children

7 Benefits of Using Task Bins To Teach Special Needs Children

Are you teaching children with special needs? Then you know how heart-warming and rewarding teaching special needs children can be!

The hardest part for parents and teachers teaching special needs children is finding the right tools to teach with and stay organized. You also want to find effective learning tools designed to help children learn independence.

As your child or student grows, you’ll want to start introducing lessons promoting independence. This can be a lesson in picking up after oneself or learning how to find and do activities without help. For some, this may seem like an overwhelming process.

Task bins are a remarkably handy tool helping parents and teachers teach their special needs children about independence.

Are you curious about how task bins can help you and your child? Check out these seven great benefits of using task bins for teaching special needs children!

What Exactly Is a Task Bin?

A task bin is a container, like a box, containing all of the necessary materials to teach a child a particular skill or task. Task bins are common in most classrooms, particularly special education classrooms. They’re a great tool to help teach special needs children any lesson or skill.

Task bins range in size, shape, and complexity. Depending on the child’s needs and development, you can benefit from using a 3-drawer task bin with multiple tasks and activities or a single bin consisting of one activity.

Many children with special needs, particularly children with autism, tend to be visual learners. A task box is the perfect tool as all of its contents are primarily visual. Task bins promote learning as well as order and routine.

Parents and teachers can design a schedule consisting of what order to complete each activity. Each activity can consist of individual tasks the child needs to perform to complete the activity.

From there, you have the freedom to design the complexity of the task boxes depending on the child’s abilities. This makes task bins the perfect tool for every stage of learning and development.

1. Teaches Independence in Special Needs Children

Most special needs children tend to have a high level of dependence on their teachers, parents, or caregivers. The use of task bins fosters independence in children by having children work on their own.

Most task boxes are easy to use making it easier for teachers and parents to teach their special needs children how to use them. Once established, children will be able to complete tasks on their own.

Task bins also reduce the need for verbal instruction which further promotes independence.

2. Help Keep You Organized

Task bins don’t only help children but they also help parents and teachers stay organized. They’re a much better tool for you and your child to use. They make the organization of both activities and materials easier than folders or binders you may use before.

Planning activities with task bins will allow you to set up the activities, including directions and materials, ahead of time. You can use multiple task bins and put together an entire week’s worth of activities. This will also keep you and your students or child focused on the activity.

3. An Easy Learning Experience

Some special needs children can become easily distracted when working on a project or task. Task bins minimize distraction by making the learning experience as easy as possible.

Most educators and parents will include a visual for the single task the child needs to complete. The task consists of small steps that the child should be able to complete on their own, without the help of others.

4. Customizable Activities

A task bin allows you to tailor every activity and task based on the child’s needs. This high level of customizability allows educators, parents, and therapists to change and alter activities as needed. Special education teachers can use multiple task bins with individual tasks specifically designed for each child.

As the child learns and grows, teachers and parents can make the tasks more complex. You can accomplish this by adding additional bins with multiple steps and tasks.

5. Good for All Ages

The customizability of task bins makes them a great education tool for children of all ages. These task bins can offer benefits to children who may not have any special needs. Educators and parents of young children can use task bins to teach young children similar skills.

Teachers and parents of older children with special needs can make tasks more challenging. This can include adding additional steps or skipping steps to promote problem-solving. You can also make tasks more interactive.

6. Teaches Valuable Life Skills

Special needs children may struggle to learn some of the skills needed for daily living. Task bins promote the learning of basic life skills such as sorting, cleaning, and organizing. Activities can include additional skills such as:

  • Matching
  • Sequencing
  • Zipping
  • Coloring and color identification
  • Lacing/Tying
  • Drawing
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Recognize letters and numbers
  • Following directions
  • Identifying objects

Teaching these skills at an independent level with task bins will foster independent learning and a desire to keep learning later on.

7. Improves Self Esteem In Children With Special Needs

The main goal of task bins is to teach children with special needs how to complete tasks in a specific order on their own. The activities should be challenging but not so difficult the child becomes frustrated or gives up.

By crafting appropriate activities, your child or children will be able to successfully accomplish tasks. In turn, the child will feel more confident and happy in their abilities!

How To Make a Task Bin

You can buy pre-made task bins designed for special needs children or you can make your own. The benefit of creating your own task bins is they give you the flexibility to customize them based on your child’s needs.

Stackable plastic storage containers with lids are great for simple tasks. Three-drawer filing bins are great for children advancing in their education. You’ll also want labels to label the bins for each purpose or each child.

Start Using Task Bins Today!

Task bins are one of the foundational tools in education. They give special needs children the ability to learn independently while fostering the life-long skills needed to be successful! If you haven’t already, start making task bins today.

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