Ensuring Safety in the Land of Multi-Sensory Stories

Ensuring Safety in the Land of Multi-Sensory Stories


Welcome, dedicated educators and parents! I'm Krystie from AdaptEd 4 Special Ed—your navigator in the enriching world of special education. In this post, we'll unpack the critical topic of safety within multi-sensory storytelling, often sidelined but undeniably crucial.

The Foundation of MSST Safety

Embarking on a journey of multi-sensory storytelling (MSST) means creating an inclusive and dynamic learning experience that stimulates all five senses. However, the cornerstone of such an exciting adventure is ensuring a safe environment for our young explorers.

Sensitivity to Allergens

Always be proactive about allergen exposure, particularly when involving taste and scent in your stories. The importance of a predictable and safe learning environment, as highlighted by IGI Global, cannot be overstated, especially in regards to managing allergens (IGI Global, n.d.).

Commitment to Non-Toxicity

Employ only non-toxic items for touch, taste, or smell activities. Taylor & Francis Group's insights into health and safety in multi-sensory strategies emphasize choosing materials that carry no chemical risks (Taylor & Francis Group, n.d.).

Alert to Choking Risks

It's crucial to assess the size of storytelling items, ensuring nothing poses a choking hazard. Best practices in health and safety must be observed to secure a risk-free interaction.

Vigilant Supervision

A vigilant eye during MSST sessions can swiftly address any arising risks, sustaining a secure space for children to explore.

Awareness of Sensory Sensitivities

Some children might find sensory inputs overwhelming. To prevent overstimulation, individualized approaches are recommended, as suggested by Wiley Online Library (Wiley Online Library, n.d.).

Assessing Physical Environments

The setting for MSST should be clear of any dangers, properly arranged to avoid accidents, and accessible to every child.

Our Commitment to Safe Sensory Storytelling

Our Multi-Sensory Storytelling Kit: Sheep in a Jeep is thoughtfully designed to prioritize safety. Equipped with child-friendly and non-toxic materials of suitable sizes, the kit ensures a secure, inclusive, and engaging storytelling experience.

In embracing MSST, let's celebrate the magic of stories with a commitment to safe, sensory-rich, and inclusive learning experiences.

With care, Krystie

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