How to Use Build a Burger In Your Classroom

How to Use Build a Burger In Your Classroom

Looking for an engaging and fun way for your students to learn vocational skills? Look no further than Build a Burger!

This product is perfect for centers, early finishers, speech therapy sessions, occupational therapy sessions and the Special Education classroom.

Using Build a Burger, students will be able to follow directions and learn sequencing by building burgers with various ingredients.

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about using Build a Burger in your classroom.

What's Included

  • With your purchase of Build a Burger, you'll receive the following:
  • 40 pattern/sequencing cards that show a completed burger. 
  • Sequencing cards range from 3 - 12 ingredients.
  • A blank menu that can be used as ordering cards.
  • 6 games that can be played with the sequencing cards.

How to Use It
To get started using Build a Burger, begin by shuffle and laying out the ingredient cards in front of the student/s.

Next, give the student the corresponding order card and have them build their burger following the sequential order.

The blank menu card can be used as an ordering card if you would like to incorporate even more of a real-world aspect into the activity.

Finally, there are 6 team work/ collaborative learning games that can be played with this set.  This blog post focuses on the collaborative learning opportunities. 

Build a Burger is the perfect way for students to follow directions and learn sequencing while also having a lot of fun!

With 40 pattern/sequencing cards ranging from 3-12 ingredients, a blank menu card for ordering, and 6 different games that can be played, this set has everything you need to help your students practice their vocational skills in an engaging way.

Grab your copy of Build a Burger today!

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