Encouraging Courage and Determination - Why Special Education Students Should Learn About Jackie Robinson

Encouraging Courage and Determination - Why Special Education Students Should Learn About Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson’s story is one of courage, determination and resilience. He rose above immense racial prejudice to become the first African American Major League Baseball player – a barrier-breaking achievement that changed the game forever.

Learning about Jackie Robinson is an essential part of understanding African American history and experiencing what it was like for those living in the Jim Crow era. His story provides a powerful example of how all people can break through even the toughest of circumstances when they have courage and diligence on their side.

For special education students, learning about Jackie Robinson is particularly important as it shows them that anything is possible with hard work and dedication. It also serves as a reminder that no matter what obstacles you face you can still find success if you don’t give up. By doing so, special education students will have access to an inspirational role model who embodies overcoming adversity with courage and hope.

With A Celebration of Black History, you'll get a set of easy reader biographies that takes you through twenty inspirational stories - from Jackie Robinson to Martin Luther King Jr., these figures have made groundbreaking discoveries and paved the way for future generations.

Each mini-biography includes a comprehension worksheet for you and your students to discuss after reading the story - this ready-made download can be used entirely digitally OR printed out for your students to use each day during Black History Month. 

Help your students understand the importance of continuing to work hard even when facing adversity and show them stories about those who helped shape history.

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