The Benefits of Direct Social Skills Instruction for Supporting our Students' Social-emotional Development

Why Direct Social Skills Instruction Matters
It's no secret that many children with special needs often struggle with social-emotional skills.

From making and keeping friends to knowing how to appropriately express emotions, our students need all the direct support we can give them.

That's why direct social skills instruction is so important. When we provide explicit instruction on topics like anger management and empathy, we're setting our students up for success both inside and outside the classroom.

The Importance of Social Skills Stories
Social skills stories are an excellent way to deliver direct social skills instruction.

Not only are they engaging and fun to read, but they also give students the opportunity to see social situations play out in a safe, controlled environment.

This type of exposure can be invaluable for children who struggle with making connections between their own life experiences and what they're learning in class.

How Social Skills Stories: Swear Words Can Help Your Students Succeed

Your students will love reading our relatable stories, and you'll love seeing the lightbulbs go off as they make connections between the story experiences and their own lives.

Be sure to browse through our ever growing collection of Social Skills Stories today!

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