Understanding Period Underwear for Autistic Teens

Understanding Period Underwear for Autistic Teens

For many autistic teenagers, managing their menstrual cycle can be a challenge.

Traditional pads and tampons can be uncomfortable and difficult to use, making it hard for some teens on the spectrum to cope with their periods.

Fortunately, period underwear offers an excellent solution for helping autistic teens feel more comfortable and in control of the menstrual process.

Period underwear is designed to provide discreet and reliable protection from leaks while also providing greater comfort than traditional menstrual products. Unlike pads or tampons, period underwear fits snugly against the body without any bulkiness or discomfort.

It also comes in a variety of styles which means there’s an option just right for each individual teen's needs. As well as offering improved comfort, period underwear helps reduce embarrassment or anxiety that some autistic teens may experience when using traditional menstrual products.

Autistic teens may also find period underwear simpler to use as they don't need help changing them like they would with pads or tampons. And because period underwear is so absorbent, it lasts much longer than pads; meaning fewer changes throughout the day which can make managing periods easier for autistic teens who prefer routine and consistency.

Overall, period underwear is an excellent option for autistic teenagers looking for a better way to manage their periods. Not only does it offer greater comfort and flexibility, but it can provide increased confidence and body positivity to those on the autism spectrum who already struggle with body image issues.

If you have an autistic teen in your life who could benefit from using period underwear, then be sure to check out all the different options available today!

P.S. If you're looking for a way to introduce period underwear to your preteen/teen, you may want to check out our Social Skills Story on Using Period Underwear.

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Andrea Ordonez @ Thu, Mar 28, 24

My 11 year old daughter that is high on the spectrum just started her period and we just potty trained her.

Andrea Ordonez @ Thu, Mar 28, 24

My 11 year old daughter that is high on the spectrum just started her period and we just potty trained her.

Linette Sims @ Thu, Mar 28, 24

This is my first time my 10 old have a period and she is autistic. How can I help her to understand?

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