Why Special Education Students Should Learn About Thurgood Marshall

Why Special Education Students Should Learn About Thurgood Marshall


The legacy of Thurgood Marshall is an important part of our history and we should recognize it this Black History Month.

Thurgood Marshall was a lawyer, activist, and the first African-American US Supreme Court Justice.

His impact on civil rights in America can never be overstated and his legacy should be remembered.

Marshall was an advocate for change, challenging segregated practices in public schools that were preventing minority students – including children with disabilities – from receiving an adequate educational experience.

He believed that ALL children deserved access to high-quality educational opportunities, so he argued cases before the Supreme Court that ultimately led to school desegregation and gave minority groups greater access to quality schools and programs alike.

While his work focused on eliminating discrimination against African Americans, it also had far-reaching implications that opened doors for other minority groups too – including those with special needs.

In addition to struggling through segregationist school systems, many special education students had limited resources available as well due to inequality in funding for specialized classes and services.

By working towards greater equality in education across America throughout his career, Marshall not only helped make quality schooling more accessible but increased funding for services too allowing more special needs children access to resources they needed most.

Thurgood Marshall's legacy stands today as a reminder of what can be accomplished when people are committed to making a significant difference through activism and fighting for justice even in the face of bigotry and prejudice.

His work remains an inspiration for those who seek social justice and this Black History Month should be used as an opportunity for all of us – especially special education students – to remember him by learning about his tremendous accomplishments so we may continue honoring his memory long after February is over.

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