Animal Actions Adapted Book VERB BUNDLE (Printable PDF + Digital)

$39.99 USD

Animal Actions Adapted Book VERB BUNDLE (Printable PDF + Digital)

$39.99 USD
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Boost Their Skills with Adapted Books

Practice identifying common verbs, while working on beginning writing skills and sentences structure.

Order now and receive both printable and digital versions of each book. 

Books Included: 

All Books Can Be Printed 🖨️ Or Used Interactively with Google Slides  💻

Order now and receive both printable and digital versions of each book. 

Safari Animals 


  • An Elephant Can..
  • A Giraffe Can…
  • A Lion Can…
  • A Zebra Can…

    Pet Animals


  • A Dog Can…
  • A Cat Can…
  • A Bird Can…

    Zoo Animals


  •  A Penguin Can…
  • A Polar Bear Can...
  • A Llama Can…
  • A Monkey Can…
  • A Panda Can…
  • A Sloth Can…
  • A Tiger Can…

    Farm Animals

    • A Horse Can...
    • A Cow Can…
    • A Donkey Can…
    • A Duck Can…
    • A Goat Can…
    • A Sheep Can…
    • A Pig Can...

    Wild Animals 

    • A Fox Can…
    • A Racoon Can…
    • A Skunk Can…
    • A Squirrel Can…
    • An Owl Can…
    • A Frog Can…
    • A Rabbit Can…

    Australian Animals 

  • A Koala Can…
  • A Kangaroo Can…

    Adapted Books 

    Get your students engaged in their learning with these hands-on interactive books. 

    4 differentiated levels included to ensure that these book will meet the unique needs of YOUR students. 


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    Amazing AdaptEd4SpecialEd

    Everything from AdaptEd4SpecialEd are amazing great resources for my son.And easy to organise .Thanks AdaptEd4SpecialEd.Its makes my self easier to do activity for him at home.

    Laquia Johnson
    I see verbs

    Great resource for building grammar skills with preschoolers and schools aged students.

    Natacha D.
    Fun product

    I love this resource. Quick and easy to prep. Overall a Great .

    Erika R.
    Extremely satisfied

    I have a lot of students working on learning verbs so this set is perfect. I also find that kids are more engaged with these adapted books, so I was super excited when I saw this set. Thanks so much for making them!

    Alyssa G.
    Extremely satisfied

    Great resource!! Fun, engaging, and effective!!!!


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