Occupations: "Community Helpers" Emergent Readers 7 Book Set (Interactive Digital + Printable PDF)

$8.00 USD

Occupations: "Community Helpers" Emergent Readers 7 Book Set (Interactive Digital + Printable PDF)

$8.00 USD
Product description
Builds Confidence In Your Early Readers

On April 16, 2019, Anne N. said:  Love using this with my "non-readers"--they are reading with these visual supports and they love it!

Earliest readers can use the visual supports at the bottom of each page to find success right away. 

Your kids will beam with pride as they learn to read independently!




Your student can either read the sentence strip at the bottom of the page or use the adaptable pieces to match the corresponding pictures to create a sentence.

(Ex: I see a police man. I see a police man and a crossing guard. I see a waiter next to a cook.) 

Includes 3 Easy Reader Books (with 2 versions of each) 

and 1 Bonus Easy Reader: He/ She is a __________. 

Each set comes with a completed sentence strip at the bottom and a version where the animals are left blank. 

I see a _______. 
I see a _______ next to a _________. 
I see a _______ and a ________. 

He/ She is a ____________.

Picture/ Word Pieces 
Sentence Strip 

Included Jobs/ Occupations: 
painter, waiter, delivery man, fire man, dentist, scientist, gardener, nurse, construction worker, janitor, doctor, pizza man, police man, vet, cook, teacher, crossing guard and bus driver

Great for Independent Work Station 

The work has been done for you.  Simply click, download, and open on a tablet or computer, and your students will up and reading in a flash.

Or you can print and bind yourself. 

Grab your bundle of 7 Digital Readers now!

19 MB 153 pages Zip File 

Digital Setup 

Have no time to prep?  You can get started with the interactive digital versions 💻 in a matter of SECONDS. 

Not minutes, seconds, seriously! 

Digital Versions are saved on Google Slides  


Occupations: "Community Helpers" Emergent Readers 7 Book Set (Interactive Digital + Printable PDF)

$8.00 USD
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Customer Reviews

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Matthew Cohen
Great differention

Good to use for differentiation


Great for sorting

Mitsy Christian
Adapted book, how many color etc

My students love these book and it helps reinforces the color we all ready learn.

Love adapted books

So easy! No more spending hours doing my own. Thank you.

Heather B.
Extremely satisfied

I loved how this book was designed! It allowed my students to easily track the words as they read by pointing to the boxes!

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