VERBS Adapted Books BUNDLE (Printable PDF + Interactive Digital Versions)

$ 24.97

VERBS Adapted Books BUNDLE (Printable PDF + Interactive Digital Versions)

$ 24.97
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This set has your students practice using the pronouns he/ she/ they with verbs in simple sentences.

Your student will match the corresponding pictures to the sentence strip, creating simple sentences such as, "He is walking." with ease. (pronoun + is + verb + ing)

These are especially great for students with minimal verbal skills, or those struggling with proper syntax. 

Printable Adapted Book

Interactive Digital Books


6 Adapted Books  Compressed Zip File | 104 Pages

+ No Prep Digital Versions of Each Book for an EXTRA 104 Pages

    • Each book has 11-15 adaptable pages.

Present Progressive VERBS : waving, walking, sitting, singing, running, riding, kicking, jumping, skipping, lying down, and eating. 

Present Progressive VERBS 2: stomping, hopping, camping, sleeping, drinking, listening, marching, clapping, watering, flying, dancing

They are painting, whispering, hugging, dancing, watching, jumping, waiting, eating, drinking, playing, cooking

He/ She/ They : spinning, playing, blowing, running, opening, singing, drawing, listening, drinking, hanging, reading, brushing, eating

It is... Animal Actions VERBS drinking, sleeping, hanging, landing, catching, grabbing, jumping, eating, balancing, swinging, flying, smelling, standing, playing

He/ She/ They + Chores dusting, vacuuming, spraying and wiping, folding, wiping, cleaning, sweeping, washing, ironing, watering, washing. 

2 options for picture pieces- pieces for each page, or a sentence strip. 
writing worksheet- to copy down the sentences they created. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 124 reviews
Sarah Lynn
Fantastic resource!

Use every year with my preschool students.

Sherri Laabs

My student's love reading these books. The pictures are so clear and we love the separate boxes for each word. Really helps with language expansion.

Hannelie Yspeert

Great resource. Thank you!

hayley Weber

So many great resources! Highly targeted and helpful for working on specific language goals :)

Kerin Griswould

These are a great resource!

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