Preposition Caterpillar Adapted Book + Hands On Task Cards (Interactive Digital + Printable PDF)

$5.50 USD

Preposition Caterpillar Adapted Book + Hands On Task Cards (Interactive Digital + Printable PDF)

$5.50 USD
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Gosh, I love these little caterpillars!  The graphics are engaging, yet simple. My young students love working on prepositions now. Thank you! -Robin O. 

This set includes both an adapted book and task cards to support differentiation and generalization of common prepositions.  These are wonderful activities to add to your independent work stations.

Watch the videos below for a demonstration of how each item works. 


PDF Download: Digital File-  26 Page PDF + 9 Page No Prep Digital Adapted Book 

Adaptable Book 8 Hands-On Interactive "build the sentence" pages

Digital Adapted Book 

Click the link and it's ready to go! Drag and Drop Digital Adapted Book

Includes interactive "build the sentence" sentence strip 

Differentiated for various student levels. 

  • 2 sets of sentence strip word tiles
    • Word Only
    • Symbol Supported Text

Interactive Task Cards:

Task Cards give your students "hands-on" practice to bring the prepositions to life. Your student places the caterpillar in the appropriate location. (Ex: The caterpillar is in the box.)

  • 8 hands-on "place the caterpillar" task cards
      • + 8 picture supports task cards. Ideal for students who cannot independently place the caterpillar.  

      Prepositions Included:
      on, in, between, above, in front of, under, through, and behind


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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 77 reviews
      Joy Conway.
      I See Prepositions (caterpillar)

      This has been perfect for distance learning. My students are highly engaged with the interactive movements of the caterpillar! They love moving the words and pictures and then reading the sentence they created. Also a great activity to practice sign language for prepositions! I have parent permission to share these pictures!

      carol allen

      Although these are for special ed, they helped me introduce prepositions to my 1st graders. They used these during centers and were able to do this independently.

      Brooke Keller
      I See Prepositions (Caterpillar)

      I love this adapted book! I first read the Very Hungry Caterpillar, which is a hit with my students. Then they love to put the caterpillar in different positions. It's interactive and kids love when they can interact with books. I also have used it to assess what concepts a student knows/doesn't know.

      Natalie Vazquez

      I bought this specifically for my kiddo that is obsessed with the hungry caterpillar and is working on prepositions!

      Kimberly Shaw
      Great Resource

      This was a perfect way for me to assess whether or not my students understood prepositions. They loved the little caterpillar and it never occurred to them they were being assessed!