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Fill the Order: "Burger Joint" (Interactive Digital + Printable PDF)


Fill the Order: "Burger Joint" (Interactive Digital + Printable PDF)

Use Your Life Skills Class to Prepare Students for Real Jobs   They Will Rehearse Being Fast Food Workers - Check & Fill Orders


Here they are...the life skills lessons you would love to teach, but don't have the time to prepare...complete with interactive digital materials & printable task bin units!

Fill The Order Task Bins Vocational Skills ASD Special Education Autism Special Day Class

Fill the Order Life Skills Work Benefits 5 No Prep Digital Versions, 5 Hands-On Task Bins, Improves Work Skills, Life Skills Work Perfected, Happy Special Education Students

2 No Prep Google Slides "Fill my Order" Sets

    • Set 1 
      • 25 Visual Order Sheets
      • Drag and Drop Cookies
    • Set 2 
      • 25 Reading Orders (great screen reader practice for non-readers) 
      • Drag and Drop Cookies

Task Cards: 

Printable and No Prep Interactive Sets Included for Each

  • Is the order correct?
  • What's wrong with this order?
  • What's missing from this order?

Each set contains 25 slides. For a total of 125 interactive slides.

Hands-On Task Bins

    • Task Cards: Is the order correct?
    • Task Cards: What's missing?
    • Task Cards: What's wrong with this order?
    • Fill the order: with visual order sheets
    • Fill the order: read the order 

The PDF download contains the links to the digital version as well as the print option. This set can also be printed and used as a hands-on task bin. 

You can use this on either a computer, Chromebook or tablet. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Donuts shop

Great resource for my classroom! My students love the digital version :)

Love it

My students love these items and the items look so realistic. Cannot wait to try the digital format with them.


My students love this, and I love that I can use it digitally or print it! Thank you

Grocery store bundle

This bundle was so helpful for my life skills students to use I love what you have on this site

This is AMAZING!

This is AMAZING! I love the interactive piece. We have done many task boxes in my classroom and I feel this interactive vocational task brings it to the next level. -Tara E.