Emergent Reader "I see... Farm Animals" (Printable PDF)

Emergent Reader Farm Animals ASD Autism AdaptEd 4 Special Ed Special Needs Special Education Reading
Emergent Reader Farm Animals ASD Autism AdaptEd 4 Special Ed Special Needs Special Education Reading

Emergent Reader "I see... Farm Animals" (Printable PDF)

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Builds Confidence In Your Early Readers Differentiating is a breeze, when you have the right materials.

On April 16, 2019, Anne N. said:  Love using this with my "non-readers"--they are reading with these visual supports and they love it!

Earliest readers can use the visual supports at the bottom of each page to find success right away. 

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The student can either read the sentence strip at the bottom of the page, or use the adaptable pieces to match the corresponding pictures to create a sentence.

  • Ex: I see a horse. I see a pig and a horse. I see a goat next to a pig.

On April 23, 2019, Anna D. said:  What a great idea!  My student who has been struggling with reading and remembering sight words, has been so engaged with reading using these adapted books!  Thank you!

12 MB 102 pages Zip File 

Emergent Reader Easy Reader ASD Autism Special Needs Special Education AdaptEd 4 Special Ed

 Includes 3 Easy Reader Books (with 2 versions of each

A total of 6 easy readers are included in this set. 

Each set comes with a completed sentence strip at the bottom and a version where the animals are left blank. 

  • I see a _______. 
  • I see a _______ next to a _________. 
  • I see a _______ and a ________. 
  • Text Only

Picture/ Word Pieces 
Sentence Strip 

Farm Animals: goat, cow, pig, chicken, donkey, horse, turkey, duck, sheep, rabbit, dog

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These products are fantastic. So much value in the set. Many levels to allow for growth with familiarity!

Music Therapist

Great resource to teach beginning readers. My students love to name those pet animals.

Item was never received

I never received the item. Left a message just now to see if the item was delayed, lost or never shipped.


This is exactly what I was looking for to help some of my beginning readers. I was able to differentiate this package for my students by adding velcro some images and using other pages for reading. I love the option to create sentences at the end as well. Awesome!


Hello I have received the PDF please let me know where to search for it. Thank you kindly