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"All About Me" (Printable + Interactive Digital)

$13.49 $10.97

"All About Me" (Printable + Interactive Digital)

$13.49 $10.97

The EVERYTHING Personal Information Bundle

This 64 page Printable PDF covers everything you need to teach personal information. (Click the "Topics Covered" tab 👇 to see a full list of what's included.) 

Setup is as easy as 1, 2, 3...

 Step 1: Download the book.

Includes: Editable PDF and Google Slides Customizable Versions

 Step 2: Customize

Type in their personal information  and have your students trace, or use the customizable pieces and attach using velcro

    🖼️ Editable picture fields included so you can customize the book with your own pictures too! 📸

     Step 3: Print 

    📖 Print version can be laminated and bound into a book, or placed into a binder with sheet protectors. 

     Go Digital and skip step 3... 

    Do you have iPads, Chromebooks, or computers in your classroom?

    Our 2 Interactive versions are ready to go! 💻- (34 interactive pages for each)  

    Saved in Google Slides, order now and gain instant access. 

    • 💻 Type it in
    • 💻 Drag and Drop 

    Do you need personal information on the go?

     Special Bonus TODAY:

     Order now and get wallet sized ID cards FREE. Limited Time Only.

    Personal Information

    • 🎂 Age, Grade, Birthday
    • 👁️ Eye Color
    • 👱🏻 Hair Color
    • 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦  Family Members Names: (Mom, dad, sister, brother, editable)
    • 👩 👨Gender
    • 🏘️ Address (street number, city, state, zip code)
    • ☎️ Phone Number

      School Information

      • 🏫 School Name (generic pic/ editable)
      • 👩🏾‍🏫 Teacher Name, Therapists Name
      • 🧒 Who is in your class? Classmates Names
      • 🎒 Classroom Number
      • 🚌 Bus Number
      • 🥪 Lunch Number
      • 🚸 How I get to school? How I get home from school…
      • 🎨 What special do I have today?
      • 👕 Identify the color of the clothes you’re wearing (shirt, pants)
      • 🙃 Identify how you feel today (with emoji's)
      • 🕗 Time school starts/ ends
      • 📧 Email Address, Email Password

         Great for Busy Parents & Special Educators 

         📸  This set includes real photographs and is appropriate for all ages. 

        Toddlers, kids, teenagers  adults and seniors have mastered learning their essential personal information skills with these interactive activities. 


        English, Spanish, French and Filipino Versions INCLUDED


        🍁 Canadian version included for Postal Code, and Province 


        🐨 Australian version included for State, Postcode and Phone Number
        All text is fully editable. 

        💻 English version is written in 🦅 US spelling, but the text is fully editable and can be easily adapted to suit your needs. 

        🙋 Do I need to purchase 1 per student?

        No, buy once, and use it for years to come. Each licence includes unlimited use for each purchasers personal use.  
        Make a copy  for each of your students at no additional charge.  We do ask that school districts pay for 1 per teacher.  

        🙋 Is there any specific software I need to edit this? What kind of software?  

        Customizing is a cinch! And free! :)  Add in photographs and type in personal information with Adobe Reader or Google Slides. 

        🙋 Will these be sent to me as real books or are they only digital?  

        *This is not a physical product.* It will be delivered to you immediately upon purchase via email. 

        🙋 What is the grade level for this book? Is it for Pre-K or older?

         This set includes real photographs and is appropriate for all ages. 

        Our "All About Me" books are used by parents and educators around the world each and every day. Toddlers, kids, teenagers and even adults have mastered learning their essential personal information skills with these interactive activities. 

        🙋 Are these American spelling or Australian? 

        All text is fully editable. English version is written in US spelling, but spelling can be easily adapted to suit your needs. 

        Printable Book Comes In: English, Spanish, French and Filipino 

        🙋 Does it come with map and states of Australia?   

        Yes! Australian specific map, postcode and phone number pages are included. 

        🙋 I cannot find how to actually download them. Please help!

        If you've misplaced your download link, don't worry! Just click this link, enter your email address and your link will automatically resend to you! 

        Resend Order Download Link

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 104 reviews
        All About Me-adapted text for personal information

        This is an exceptional buy. It contains everything needed to teach/reinforce personal information with students. It's scaffolding is well developed and all the activities are relevant.


        After giving up trying to do the app version, I decided to just work on the print version took some time but the end result was priceless. My daughter loves it she even took it to school to share it with her class, easier to get her to do her tracing, and she's even saying our number. Yes, I will do it all over again


        Great addition to my household! I sat down with my girls each morning, and just have a fun learning time.

        Fun and engaging!

        I bought this for my own children who have special needs and I absolutely love it. It keeps their interest and engages them in learning important information. LOVE it!

        Great, thanks!

        Great. Thanks!