Task Cards: Coin Identification (Printable PDF)

$6.00 USD

Task Cards: Coin Identification (Printable PDF)

$6.00 USD
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Get your students to master coin identification. This 160 card set, will have your kids identifying coins both by their name and their value. 

✓ 5 Levels of Differentiation! From errorless to write it in. We've got all of your student's levels covered. 
✓ Low Prep
✓ Data Sheets (that are also EDITABLE) 
✓ Functional Life Skill: Money! 

160 Task Cards! 

Students circle or place the clip on coin name or value. 

This is a great way to have students work on money. 

All pictures are real photographs in order to encourage generalization and independence.

Customer Reviews

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Kelli Techmanski
Coin Identification task Cards

These are great. I have students on different levels in coin identification. These cards fill all of those levels and the needs of my students.

Kimberly Shaw

These were fabulous for my students. We had just finished our unit on money and this was part of their assessment.

Carolyn Darnielle
Task Cards - Counting Coins

I love this set of task cards. They are a great way for my students to practice their money skills without feeling overwhelmed. I am please with how real the pictures look. This allows my students to see "real" money rather than having to decipher fake looking coins. Thank you for all of the hard work that went into creating this product.

Pamela Wilkins
great images that look like the actual coins

I got this and was very impressed about how realistic the pictures are , I included the cards in a task box that also has real coins in it and we work with matching the coins to pictures, the names to the coins as well as how the cards are actually intended. by only working on one set at a time, I only needed four of each coin in the box so it only "cost" me 1.64 to add the coins to the box

Donna Jumper
Coin ID and counting coins

Some of my students are struggling with identifying coins as well as counting.
This is an awesome resource; graphics are grest.
This is a big asset to my class.