It's Time to Rhyme Rhyming File Folders Cut & Paste Worksheets Adapted Book

$3.97 USD

It's Time to Rhyme Rhyming File Folders Cut & Paste Worksheets Adapted Book

$3.97 USD
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Looking for a fast, fun, and effective way to teach phonological/phonemic awareness skills? Look no further than AdaptEd's Rhyming Words.

By matching the pictures that rhyme, students will develop an important skill set that will help them become better readers, spellers, and writers.

This activity is perfect for Pre-K to 1st grade students, either in a classroom setting or at home.

15 worksheets or 15 file folders.

Use 3 ways: 

  • Cut and Paste Worksheet
  • File Folders
  • Adapted Books

This set is ideal to be used with:

  • Special Education 
  • Beginning Readers
  • Struggling Readers
  • Pre-K to 1st Grade (RTI)

Explicit phonological awareness instruction is important for all developing readers.

Students with special needs generally require more of this type of instruction- repetition with variety becomes essential to keep students engaged and learning.

*Research Tip* when first teaching rhyming words begin with words that have distinct mouth movements, (i.e. tap/map) that students can see. This provides our students with another visual clue.

Instead of waiting for your students to master a specific set of words before moving on, use different words and rotate through to provide additional learning opportunities and variety.

Listed below is a set of rhyming word skills that students should develop over time. This list goes from easiest to hardest, however don't limit your students to one type of instruction before mastery.

Mix up your teaching to provide them with repetition with variety.

Rhyming skills

  • Determining if 2 words rhyme
  • Identifying which word does not rhyme with a set of words
  • Identifying which words rhyme in a set of words
  • Generating rhyming words

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          Customer Reviews

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          Jill Sawrie
          Rhyming words

          This is a perfect task box or practice activity for my students with intellectual disabilities.

          Angela A Grimes
          Extremely satisfied

          Students enjoyed these, and they are great for differentiation.

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