Rhyming Pictures Cards for Rhyming Practice Phonemic Awareness

$4.97 USD

Rhyming Pictures Cards for Rhyming Practice Phonemic Awareness

$4.97 USD
Product description

Are you looking for a fun, hands-on activity to teach rhyming? Look no further than these Rhyming Word Cards! This activity set includes 206 clip cards with pictures and labels, as well as 206 cards with just pictures - perfect for differentiation. 

Kids will have a blast practicing identifying rhymes, and you can use these cards for rhyming assessment too. Grab this must-have resource for your preschool, pre-k, kindergarten, RTI, SPED, early childhood, or at-home learning classroom today!

Here's what you'll get:

  • 206 rhyming clip cards with pictures and labels
  • 206 rhyming clip cards with pictures but without labels

How to use:

  • Memory/ Concentration Game
  • Card Game 
  • Pocket Chart

These rhyming word games can be used simply as matching games for centers or the cards can be placed face down and they can be used as concentration games. 

The concentration games will require students to focus in order to match the appropriate word pairs. I have included two sets of cards. The first set includes pictures with words that rhyme. The second set of cards has only pictures. These can be used for an advanced level of game play or for a student who is struggling to find the rhyming words.

Word Families and Words Included:

Short A:

_ab: cab, lab, crab, scab, grab

_at: bat, cat, fat, hat, mat, pat, rat

_ad: bad, dad, pad, sad

_an: man, pan, ran, tan, van

_ag: bag, rag, tag, wag, gag

_ap: cap, lap, map, nap, rap, sap, tap, clap

_am: bam, ham, jam, yam, clam

_ack: back, pack, rack, sack, black, crack, shack, snack, stack, quack

_ash: cash, lash, rash, sash, crash, flash, smash

Short E:

_ed: bed, fed, red, sled, shed

_eg: beg, leg

_et: jet, net, pet, vet, wet

_en: hen, men, pen, ten

_eck: deck, neck, check, wreck

_ell: bell, cell, sell, tell, well, yell, shell, smell, spell

Short I:

_it: bit, fit, hit, lit, sit, quit, spit

_id: big, dig, fig, pig, wig, twig

_im: slim, swim, trim

_ip: lip, rip, sip, drip, flip, ship, skip, slip, trip, whip

_ick: kick, lick, pick, sick, brick, chick, click, stick, thick, trick

_ish: fish, dish, wish

_in: fin, pin, tin, win, chin, skin, spin, thin, twin

Short O:

_ot: dot, hot, pot, knot, spot

_ob: cob, slob, rob

_og: dog, fog, jog, log, frog

_op: cop, hop, mop, pop, top, chop, drop, shop, stop

_ock: dock, lock, rock, sock, block, clock

Short U:

_ut: cut, hut, nut, shut, gut

_ub: cub, rub, tub

_ug: bug, dug, hug, mug, pug, rug, tug, plug, slug

_um: gum, drum, plum

_un: bun, fun, nun, run, sun

_ud: bud, mud

_uck: duck, suck, yuck, cluck, stuck, truck

_ush: hush, brush, crush, flush

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