Social Skills Story: Earthquake Drill: Editable (Printable PDF)

$3.97 USD

Social Skills Story: Earthquake Drill: Editable (Printable PDF)

$3.97 USD
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Do you want to be prepared for the next earthquake drill? Social Skills Story: Earthquake Drill is here to help!

With colorful photographs and simple text, this editable social skills story is perfect for preparing students ahead of time so they know what to expect.

And best of all, it’s editable so you can tailor it to your specific needs! So don’t wait – get Social Skills Story: Earthquake Drill today and give your students the tools they need to succeed!

  • 14 Page Social Skills Story
  • Editable Text
  • Print and bind into a book, or just read it digitally on any of your devices.

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Customer Reviews

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Mary Dodson
Scratching others

I’m so happy that you all have this social story on scratching. It helps students to understand what and how the effects of scratching others has on the other person.

Kallan Ertley
Extremely satisfied

Great social story on classroom expectations of staying in the classroom, nice images

Megan L.
Extremely satisfied

thank you so much! So helpful for my students who are still lagging in this skill!

Lara H.
Thank you so much.

My students enjoyed this activity.

Lisa P.
Extremely satisfied

Useful activity for a particular student can be adapted as well to fit other areas/types of difficulties.


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