Prepositions Sports Adapted Books and Task Cards Set of 6 Books + 5 Sets of Task Cards (Printable PDF's + Interactive Digital)

$19.97 USD $30.00 USD -34% OFF

Prepositions Sports Adapted Books and Task Cards Set of 6 Books + 5 Sets of Task Cards (Printable PDF's + Interactive Digital)

$19.97 USD $30.00 USD -34% OFF
Product description

Looking for an interactive and engaging way to work on speech and language development while teaching positional words? Look no further than this amazing set!

Featuring six adapted books and a bonus set of five interactive task cards, this package is a must-have for any teacher or parent looking to take their teaching game to the next level.

6 Adaptable Book+ 5 Bonus Set of Interactive Task Cards 
+ No Prep Google Versions of the Adapted Books

  • Soccer
  • Baseball
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Tennis 
  • Gymnastics (no task cards) 


  • inside, above, behind, on top of, next to, in, on, between, under, behind, beneath, outside, near

The adapted books cover a variety of sports including soccer, baseball, football, basketball, and tennis, with each book spanning 10-12 pages.

And the best part? The books come with two sentence strip options--one with words only and another with symbol-supported text, making them easy to customize for different student levels.

Plus, the interactive "place the ball" task cards are the perfect hands-on addition to reinforce prepositions such as inside, above, behind, on top of, and many more! Each set of task cards comes with two versions: one blank and the other with visual supports.

And for all you busy teachers out there, this set is perfect for independent workstations. We've even included a description of setup to make things as easy as possible!

Take the first step in transforming your classroom with this game-changing set. Get ready to witness your students' speech and language development soar to new heights!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Liz C.
Extremely satisfied

It wasn't exactly what I was looking for, but the kids enjoyed using the books and were engaged!

Kristie Munro

Great resource. Love the basketball themed pictures and the sentence strips.

Robin Stubbs
Prepositions (Task Cards and Book)

It is very colorful and our students love it.

Pricilla J.
Extremely satisfied

Great for my ELL learners!

Jessica F.
Loved the pictures!

Loved the pictures! This worked great for targeting both football vocabulary and spatial concepts.


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