Social Story: Masturbation (Printable PDF)

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Social Story: Masturbation (Printable PDF)

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Be Prepared For Those Awkward Teachable Moments 

We've Got You Covered with Straightforward Narratives & Visuals

This is a resource for educators and caregivers of individuals with disabilities who have difficulty knowing when and where it is appropriate to masturbate.

With this helpful guide, they can reduce inappropriate behaviors in the classroom, creating a more comfortable and stress-free learning environment for all.

Direct social skills instruction is extremely beneficial to students with special needs. 

Social Narratives Benefits


If you like this book, you may be interested in checking out our full collection of puberty related social narratives. 


This simple story is an effective behavior management strategy and can teach individuals on the autism spectrum (or other disabilities) where and when it's appropriate to masturbate. 

Direct social skills and sex ed instruction is extremely beneficial to students with special needs. 

  • 13 page social skills story for females
  • 13 page social skills story for males
  • editable version saved on Google Slides

This social story can be used before an upcoming event or read regularly.  


Want to edit this book? 

Possibly add in a student name or change a picture? 

You can do that now! Just click the link in the back of the book and you'll be taken to an editable version saved in google slides! 

So why wait? Get started today and see the difference it makes!

Customer Reviews

Based on 63 reviews
Lara H.
Extremely satisfied

I teach a class for students diagnosed with Intermittent Explosive disorder, ODD, ADHD and ASD. We are a lively bunch! This resource is a wonderful tool for supporting IPP goals and strategies I often ask the support staff in our classroom to read these stories with students as well as any visiting student teachers. It allows us all to be on the same page when we implement strategies and to share a common language when speaking to students.

Thank you for your kind words, Lara! We're so happy our stories are able to help support IPP goals and strategies in your classroom. Our hope is that our stories can provide a common language for everyone involved in the student's life--support staff, student teachers, and more. Thank you again for your feedback and we wish you all the best in your teaching journey.

Jennifer Sullivan
Great Resource

I like how this is editable!

Avery Seago
Extremely satisfied

Great resource to send home with a student who was moving out of state.

Valerie B.
A very useful resource.

Very straight forward.

Taylor Thomas
Extremely satisfied

Loved that I could change the picture!

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