Career Readiness Job Skills and Chores (Printable PDF)

$29.99 USD

Career Readiness Job Skills and Chores (Printable PDF)

$29.99 USD
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Prepare for Life Beyond School

Getting your kids ready for life beyond school is a difficult task, especially without the right resources. 

You need something that will teach them real-life skills and get them career-ready, but is also more than just a jobs chart. 

Our career readiness curriculum is fully customizable, as well as age-appropriate. 

All wrapped up in an easy-to-implement, comprehensive system that's designed to carry your them through every aspect of career readiness.

Take a look and see why this is so much more than just some ordinary classroom jobs posters... 




Step by step visual supports 



Real images (no cartoons!)


Social Narratives 


Job applications (3 levels) 


Interview System


Paycheck System



Money handling practice


Job review & feedback acceptance


Employee of the Month



Editable text 


Workplace Vocabulary Stories

Workplace Vocabulary Stories explore words that are essential for everyday work life. 
Using real pictures and simplified language, these stories teach students words they will need for the rest of their lives and careers... "Paycheck" being just one of them. :) 

    Social Narratives 

    Social narratives explore social constructs, like the ever-important "handshake"- that are crucial for getting and keeping a job. 

    Handshake: we all know that first impressions count. Ensure that your students know the appropriate greeting for an interview or important event by teaching them with real images. 

    Dress for Success: Help your students to know the types of clothing that are appropriate for an interview- and WHY it matters! 

    Hygiene: We are helping to forge the next generation of adults. Possibly the most functional and crucial thing that we can teach our students is how to take care of their own bodies. 

    Knowing how to stay clean and healthy and how our hygiene affects us socially is a MUST. 

    Job Skills Practice

    It's so important that students can begin to recognize what skills are required for a job.

    This allows them to practice, prepare, identify he best jobs for them, and eventually have a deeper understanding of personal strengths. 


    • Classroom job positions with descriptions
    • List of “helpful skills” to accompany each job position
    • Practice job applications with 3 levels of difficulty for differentiation
    • Interview System
    • Class paycheck system
    • Full classroom purchase/reward system included
    • Money handling practice
    • Job review system (for building self-monitoring skills, independence and feedback acceptance skills
    • Employee of the Month System included
    • 18 Job/ Chores Step By Step Printable Posters 


    Customer Reviews

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    Jessica Dagel
    Useful information

    I am not using all of this, but I am using bits and pieces to supplement what I'm already doing to make it better. The social narratives are great & I use them with my virtual job skills classes and ask them questions about them. I like their visuals of people doing the jobs and how some of them have disabilities too!

    Briana Jones

    So excited to implement these lessons. Very helpful, especially with virtual learning!

    Sherri Ryan
    Classroom Careers

    So glad I purchased this. I can't wait to use it!

    Valerie Hogg
    Great Product

    Very happy with this purchase. This packet comes with everything needed to work on job training skills. There are multiple job titles with different ideas of how to approach teaching the skills. It even teaches the concept of clocking in and out at a job. There is great detail and visual teaching methods to learning how to dress for a job interview which is extra helpful.
    I loved the step by step printable chore/job skills posters. It was very useful with my son who is a visual learner. Very pleased with this product!

    samantha chauvier
    love it

    I love how it is set up for students to access and understand. I know I will be using this often