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Fill the Order: complete BUNDLE (Interactive Digital + Printable PDF)

$139.79 $99.97

Fill the Order: complete BUNDLE (Interactive Digital + Printable PDF)

$139.79 $99.97
Use Your Life Skills Class to Prepare Students for Real Jobs   They Will Rehearse Being Fast Food Workers - Check & Fill Orders


Here they are...the life skills lessons you would love to teach, but don't have the time to prepare...complete with interactive digital materials & printable task bin units!

Fill The Order Task Bins Vocational Skills ASD Special Education Autism Special Day Class

Fill the Order Bundle 35 Digital Activities 35 hands-on lessons

7 Interactive Sets: Donuts, Cookies, Burgers, Chicken Burgers, Pizza, Bagels, and Cupcakes 

Each includes 2 No Prep  "Complete the Order" Sets

    • Set 1: Visual Supports
      • 25 Visual Order Sheets
      • Drag and Drop Pieces (varies for each set) 
    • Set 2: Reading
      • 25 Reading/ Listening Orders (great screen reader practice for non-readers) 
      • Drag and Drop Pieces (varies for each set) 

Fill The Order Task Bins Vocational Skills ASD Special Education Autism Special Day Class

Task Cards:

Printable and No Prep Interactive Sets Included for Each

  • Is the order correct?
  • What's wrong with this order?
  • What's missing from this order?

Each set contains 25 slides. For a total of 125 interactive slides.

Hands-On Task Bins

    • Task Cards: Is the order correct?
    • Task Cards: What's missing?
    • Task Cards: What's wrong with this order?
    • Fill the order: with visual order sheets
    • Fill the order: read the order 

Fill The Order Task Bins Vocational Skills ASD Special Education Autism Special Day Class

The PDF download contains the links to the digital version as well as the print option. This set can also be printed and used as a hands-on task bin. 

You can use this on either a computer, Chromebook or tablet. Interactive Versions Work on Google Slides.  

Watch the video below to see the digital version in action! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews

I am a high school teacher who teaches 9th and 10th grade students with Autism. One of my classes is to teach vocational skills. My students are very low academically(K-2nd grade), emotionally, and socially.

I have been looking for tasks for my students to do in my vocational class. I purchased the Donut Shop program.

I loved the on-line program. I introduced my students to the program on my smartboard so that when they worked on their computer independently, they knew what to do. The program is leveled. I started with "Is the order correct?"

When my students were comfortable with completing this part of the program, we moved on to "What is Missing", then we moved on to "What is wrong with the order", and lastly we moved on to "Fill the Order".

I also printed out the task. I printed out the variety of donuts, the boxes, the order forms, and the written orders.

Before we changed to distance learning, we were practicing our listening and speaking skills by using the order sheets and taking orders.

I hope to create a pretend donut shop when we return to school where my students can take orders, fill the orders, add up the cost of the order and tell the customer how much they owe for the donuts, and give change.

The students that are the customers will have to say their order, determine if they have enough money to buy what they want, and give the correct amount of money to pay for the donuts.

Many skills can be taught with this pretend donut shop. I can't wait to get back to in-school learning!

Donuts shop

Great resource for my classroom! My students love the digital version :)

Love it

My students love these items and the items look so realistic. Cannot wait to try the digital format with them.


My students love this, and I love that I can use it digitally or print it! Thank you

Grocery store bundle

This bundle was so helpful for my life skills students to use I love what you have on this site