Hey, it's nice to e-meet you! We're glad you found your way to our little corner of the web, and we hope you stick around. 

 Our resources aren't created by a single person. Nope. At AdaptEd we're all about a team approach to special education.  We know that the best way to help students is to pair them with a professional who can meet each of their unique needs. 

 But here's the catch!  Our students are UNIQUE.  

 And no single professional can paint the whole picture of who a student is and what they may need as part of their education.  That's why we have the Special Education Team!  

 When it comes to teaching special learners, we need the unique perspectives and advice from each team member to incorporate best practices and get the most beneficial results.  

So... what does that mean for our products?

When Meg, our SLPMeg Mott is an ASHA certified speech therapist, her passion is creating core vocabulary lessons designed to help AAC learners develop their vocabulary.  is working on communication with a student, she can't forget that there may be sensory needs to be addressed before learning can happen.  

 When Krystie, our SpEd teacheris teaching a lesson, she can't forget that instruction should be provided at the student's language level - or that sensory strategies will help her students to attend.  

Here at AdaptEd we understand that we are stronger together.  Each of our products is created by a professional IN THAT FIELD.  

Together we build products that support our students as a whole.  Together we get those tricky questions answered. 

Together we are AdaptEd!

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