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Awesome Handbook for EVERYONE

This is a complete and concise handbook for not just teachers and classroom professionals, but parents and adult leaders of any youth programs can benefit as well. My daughter is neurodivergent (ND) and I've found that it can be a struggle to work with some of her other (ND) friends because you don't always know a lot about their different diagnoses. You can read this handbook cover to cover or keep it on your desk to quickly refresh different techniques and strategies. THANK YOU!

Great Resource!

I used the build a burger with my high school students with Intellectual Disabilities, and they had a blast! I adapted it several different ways, depending on ability level. The pictures are my students that require a little more help. We out magnets on the back and let them put together a burger chosen from the "menu" by their partner. Then they switched. We added texture to some so our visually impaired student could participate. For the students who are able to work more independently, we ran it like a restaurant, with guests, servers, and cooks. This is a fantastic resource!

I see occupations

I love this book but please update the occupations to be more inclusive for women and put person instead of man. For example, delivery person, fire fighter, pizza person and police officer. I changed them on my copy before I laminated the sentence strip area

Fantastic product

Great way to help kids learn every day life information... So glad I came across this on Facebook and bought it for my Kids. We have only done the Groceries section so far . We are going to make these a lesson in our Homeschooling.

Easy to use with lots of options

No matter how your students can respond, they have a version that will work for them both online and off-line. Their products are the easiest to use things I found so far.

I see prepositions and I see “ What is it”?

The students seemed to better understand saying a sentence vs word bits to tell their story on each page. Really like this booklet.

Eagerly Awaiting More

School provided emerging reader books have nothing on these AdaptEd reading and comprehension soon books! These are designed so well with intentional word choices and delightful illustrations. We printed both little pocket books, full size notebook size copies, and love them so much we lamented the sequence cards. Remote learning and home school (next year) has just become so much better. My confidence in having the best resources grows with every purchase! Looks at the pictures below, aren't these books adorable?! My son loves reading these and school work in general is so much nicer with AdaptEd. Thanks ladies!!

Touch Point Addition Practice (Digital Interactive + Printable PDF)
Cristine Moonan
Great large numbers

I love the large numbers. My daughter worked really well with these. I wish there was a little more space between each line (each addition). But other than that, we love it!

Building a Set Bundle

What can I say, I love it!
It’s great! This is so useful at this time because of not being able to leave the campus.
Also it is great to access online for distance learners!! Thank you!
Carol Esquibel
Carol Esquibel

Social Narrative: Staying Healthy Coronavirus COVID 19
Debra Haff
Special Education Teacher

Thank-you for an awesome social story to use to explain to students with ASD! It was very helpful in explaining COVID-19 to the students and also the parents!

Amazing AdaptEd4SpecialEd

Everything from AdaptEd4SpecialEd are amazing great resources for my son.And easy to organise .Thanks AdaptEd4SpecialEd.Its makes my self easier to do activity for him at home.

Build a Burger for Life Skills & Job Training

I absolutely LOVE the Build a Burger Task bin activity! The photos are crisp and clear, they are easy to print at home, and look even better when laminated!
I am bummed I didn't purchase it when you were giving away the free bonus with the extra items (taco, sandwich, ice cream cone, pizza, sundae, sushi, potato, pasta, set of chocolates), but it is still worth it after how well it turned out.
I am using the set virtually right now, and created a felt board to do a velcro display with the burgers.
When I am able to return to campus, I will definitely print more out and use them in our weekly activities at school, in my Adult Transition class.

Look up

As long as we stick to a schedule and he knows what is expected then he is okay.
First this, then that. A timer is great! Finding other engaging activities also helps!

Social Narrative: Learning from Home Coronavirus COVID-19
Alison Gainok
It is a Mask

My son understands more now why it is so important to wear a mask and is willing to wear his mask. He says, "she/he is sick" whenever he sees someone wearing a mask. It is easier to talk about the importance of handwashing and staying 6 ft apart.

I See Prepositions (caterpillar)

This has been perfect for distance learning. My students are highly engaged with the interactive movements of the caterpillar! They love moving the words and pictures and then reading the sentence they created. Also a great activity to practice sign language for prepositions! I have parent permission to share these pictures!

Easy to use books

I have this bundle and several others from this shop. They are easy to use and my grandson loves them all. I strongly recommend this!

Touch Point Addition Practice (Digital Interactive + Printable PDF)
alessandra figueiredo

Good material! Print, laminate and bind a book to make easier to use , the kids can write the answer using a erase marker , then you can use and reuse many times ! Love this touch math 😍

Great visual book

I print , laminate all pages and bind , my son with Down Syndrome was very excited to start use. very good material, make my life easier at it 😍
Thank you!

Wearing a Mask: Social Skills Story: Editable (Printable PDF)
Jamie Kral

We appreciate social stories with real people! My son responds better to them better so huge thank you for this resource! Especially right now!

Oh my gosh!!!!

I have 7 teens and young adults with disabilities (6 with Down syndrome, one with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome) These days of distance learning is NOT working for them!!! I was particularly stuck on job skills for my two young adults who are now quarantined at home. Then I saw an ad for AdaptEd4SpecialEd! WOW! This is exactly what we needed!!! After a simple download process I sent everything to my local printer and had it shipped to my house the same day. Then I laminated and cut it all out. Here are pics of what my young adults are doing today:
19 yo Axel and 23 yo Angela are working in the Chicken Burger Shop. One is the customer orders, the other fills the order and brings it back to the customer. The customer checks to make sure they got the right food before they drive away. Sometimes the order needs correcting. 😀 Tomorrow we’ll have a family donut shop (with Dad picking up real donuts!)

Social Narrative: Learning from Home Coronavirus COVID-19
Alana Murphy
Great resource for distance learning!

Loved using this for a read aloud this week with my private group for my families. Kids deserve to have language for what is going on around them! Thanks for another great resource!

I love all of the products that you have , there great learning tools for all, thank you for all y’all do , my Apple 🍎 , the teacher that goes the extra mikes to make a different!

Increased imitation and initiation!

My clients are demonstrating increased imitation and initiation of sentences using the AdeptEd set, I Like...I Don't like... eat". I supplement using plastic play food to increase symbolic play and facilitate generalization of pics to their matching objects. I've attached a picture of one of my clients using it. This client can communicate in sentences with fewer visual/verbal prompts now. He is on the spectrum and is apraxic. He gets so excited when he can make himself understood!
Thank you for your wonderful materials.

The 5 Little Ducks (Printable PDF)
Jamie Ruccolo

I just read this to my students yesterday for the first time. Little did I know there was a song that goes along with it and they seemed to know what the arrow meant before I did! I'm always learning from my ASD kiddos! Thank YOU guys for making my life so easy!

Build a Burger is the Best!

My middle school Life Skills students absolutely love this hands on activity! Everything looks real and high quality. They love using both the photo cards and the order forms to build the burgers. We also added post-its with the ingredient words for them to sort and label so it hits some reading and spelling skills as well. Held their attention quite a while too. Was worth the effort to print in color, laminate and cut out!


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