3rd Grade Third Grade Sight Words Dot to Dot Stamp It Maze

$3.97 USD

3rd Grade Third Grade Sight Words Dot to Dot Stamp It Maze

$3.97 USD
Product description

3rd Grade Dot to Dot Sight Words are a fun and effective way for students to practice their sight words. This set includes all 41 words from the Dolch third grade list. Each word has two practice sheets.

The first sheet has students trace, color, circle and stamp the sight word.

The second sheet is a Dot to Dot style sheet where students follow the path of the sight word through the sheet using a bingo dobber, marker, pom poms, beads or playdough to mark the word as they go.

The first and last word on each sheet are bolded to help students know where the beginning and end are.

Using both sheets, students will get 60-80 repetitions of each sight word, which is an important part of mastery.

Plus, it's NO PREP - just print and go!

82 Dot to Dot Worksheets: 2 for each word

Level 1: Errorless

Level 2: Dot to Dot

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          Kimberly Nellis
          3rd Grade Sight Words

          Used w/ our students day after downloading! Just what we needed for practice work!

          Creative Core Integrations
          Great Resource

          This is a fun way to have students with higher reading ability than fine motor control interact with reading words.

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