AAC Implementation Training Handbook Resource Toolkit

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AAC Implementation Training Handbook Resource Toolkit

$39.97 USD
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The AAC Handbook and Toolkit is a great resource for educators who want to ensure the entire team (parents, teachers, support staff, etc.) has the knowledge and resources necessary for implementing and teaching AAC.  

My love of AAC began years ago, when I worked with my first AAC client fresh out of school- an amazing girl with Cerebral Palsy who opened my eyes up to the world of AAC.

Along the way I've learned that many of us, no matter how great our intentions are, struggle to implement AAC in a way that works for students & their teams.  My passion and goal is to make AAC implementation more straight-forward (and more enjoyable because AAC is so dang necessary)!

This AAC handbook gives you the information you need to get the whole team (teacher, SLP, professionals, paraprofessionals) on board with current AAC strategies. 

This resources includes three sections as follows:

AAC Training Handbook 

AAC Toolkit

    •  the visuals and materials you need to embed AAC naturally throughout the day.
    •  + Video Instruction for each material to ensure the team knows how to implement each strategy effectively. 

    AAC Data Sheets 

    AAC Participation Plan


    As a licensed SLP, I've had a lot of experience with AAC.  I've witnessed, many times over, that AAC success hinges on one very important factor: consistency.

    AAC users need and deserve consistent exposure to communication and modeling.  To get this consistency, they need all important members of their life on board with their communication system. 

    It's no secret that many educational teams struggle with AAC consistency.  Do I believe that this happens because teams don't care or put in the effort?  No.  I believe it happens because teams need more support.

    A handbook can help people learn the basic skills that they need.  (And that's why I wrote one!)  

    But I don't believe in stopping at a handbook.

    I believe in supporting teachers and educational professionals in incorporating AAC into classrooms in a way that is simple, cohesive, and natural. 

    So, enter the AAC in the Toolkit.

    This kit delivers a plethora of materials to get you started with ease. 

    Because your team doesn't just need AAC info dumped in your laps- - - You all need practical ways to help you implement what you've learned.

    This resource also includes data sheets, classroom visuals, Google Slides access to edit the icons, core vocabulary boards, clear directions for modeling, AAC research citations, staff handouts, and so much more!

    This packet does not include information about AAC assessment (which is really a separate training that is valuable to seek out).  It is also important to note that this product may be used with any type of AAC.  It will not give any device-specific information.

    If you have any questions about this packet, please email me at krystie@adapted4specialed.com and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.


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    Permission to copy for single classroom use only.

    Please purchase additional licenses if you intend to share this product.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 52 reviews
    Lara Tebo
    So versitile!

    This was a great resource to work on several different skills at the same time. We worked on sentence structure, visual scanning and prepositional words.


    Used thoroughly with my parents- amazing and insightful resource!

    Brynn Rhodes
    Flexible and Helpful

    Love the data sheets especially and that the materials are flexible and icons can be switched to match my students' devices.

    Brooke Sheaffer
    You need this resource!

    An AMAZING resource for anyone working with AAC! I can’t wait to use it with the students, families, and teachers I support!

    Mandy Bradford
    An amazing addition for anyone teaching with AAC!

    As a new special education teacher, I have been so worried about teaching students who use AAC because it isn’t something that is talked in college. This book as been an awesome resource for me and I can not wait to use it all of the information in my classroom!

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