"Answering Hypothetical Questions" Activity Book (Printable PDF)

$5.97 USD

"Answering Hypothetical Questions" Activity Book (Printable PDF)

$5.97 USD
Product description

Do you want to teach your students how to think critically?

Answering Hypothetical Questions is an educational resource that provides teachers/ parents with a different approach to teaching hypothetical questions.

Rather than having the student identify the correct answer, this material focuses on providing and discussing multiple correct answers to hypothetical questions.

First, explore the options and talk about the different correct answers.

Then have your student select the answer that makes most sense for them! Includes 15 sets of hypothetical questions and possible correct answers. PDF | 8.2 MB | 35 pages

With this innovative approach, students will be able to learn more about themselves while also learning how others might think or feel in certain situations.

This unique method of teaching will allow your students to develop empathy skills they can use throughout their lives! Click "add to cart" if you're interested in downloading Answering Hypothetcal questions today!

Answering Hypothetical Questions

This product contains 15 sets of hypothetical questions and possible correct answers.

Each set of questions is accompanied by a discussion on the different correct answers.

The goal is to have students identify the best answer for them, rather than just identifying the correct answer.

These are great for studying or reviewing! They are also great for group discussions!

Hypothetical Questions Speech Therapy

I find myself writing IEP goals for hypothetical questions ALL the time.

But how we teach the skill is just as important!

Many times we get caught in the habit of teaching a single rote answer . . .

Question: What do you do if you feel sick?

Answer: “Go to the doctor.”

But do we all really go to the doctor when we are sick?

Or is that just ONE possibility?

After all, we want students thinking, not just memorizing answers!

Therefore, this material is a little different than your standard hypothetical questions deck.

Rather than having the student identify the correct answer, they will be asked what they would do if they were feeling sick and then given three options from which to choose one.

This way students can think about their own reasoning behind their decision rather than simply identifying an answer on a test or quiz without understanding why it was chosen over other possible responses.

Purchase this set today and give your students more opportunities for critical thinking skills development!

All pictures are real photographs in order to encourage generalization and independence.

"Answering Hypothetical Questions" Activity Book (Printable PDF)

$5.97 USD
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Customer Reviews

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Dora Striemer
Easy to use books

I have this bundle and several others from this shop. They are easy to use and my grandson loves them all. I strongly recommend this!

Christie Huynh

Another rock star product from the gang! My kiddos love the colorful,engaging pictures. My kiddos are loving that there is no wrong answer.


Great product.

Dawn Hoffman
Excellent addition

The hands on books are a great addition to my collection for my students who are struggling with adding and answering simple questions.

Dawn Hoffman
Good resource

I love this resource for my students who are struggling with counting. The visuals and hands on part really helps my students.

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