Answering Simple Questions Adapted Books Halloween Pumpkins 🎃 (Printable PDF + Digital)

$ 4.97

Answering Simple Questions Adapted Books Halloween Pumpkins 🎃 (Printable PDF + Digital)

$ 4.97
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These easy-to-use books teach: counting, colors, sights words and sentence structure.

Do you want to help your students become more engaged in their learning?

These books are perfect for any student who needs a little extra practice with answering questions.

They're also great for ESL learners, special education students, and those struggling with reading comprehension.

With 5 levels of difficulty, these books will meet the unique needs of every learner!

Your students will love this interactive book that they can use independently or as part of a group activity.

It's an engaging way to get them talking about what they see and writing sentences at the same time!

Plus it's easy to differentiate between levels so each student is challenged appropriately.

Purchase your copy today!

Differentiated Levels 

5 differentiated levels included to ensure that these book will meet the unique needs of YOUR students. 

Get your students engaged in their learning with these hands-on interactive books. 

Students match the corresponding pictures to answer the questions while simultaneously writing an I see... sentence. (Ex: I see 6 blue pumpkins.) 

Digital Setup 

Get started with the interactive digital versions 💻 in a matter of SECONDS...

Digital Version Setup Answering Simple Questions AdaptEd Books AdaptEd 4 Special Ed

Digital Versions are saved on Google Slides™  

Customer Reviews

Based on 73 reviews
Easy to use books

I have this bundle and several others from this shop. They are easy to use and my grandson loves them all. I strongly recommend this!

Christie Huynh

Another rock star product from the gang! My kiddos love the colorful,engaging pictures. My kiddos are loving that there is no wrong answer.

Annette O'Connel
Great Resource

My students enjoyed using this resource. It help them have a better understanding and were more engaged.

Felicia Miller

My students were very engaged and enjoyed reading this again and again. I would love more of these books!

Mackenzie Makes on TpT

My students loved this and wanted the lesson to continue!

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