Asking Questions: "Who?" (Printable PDF or Digital)

$11.97 USD

Asking Questions: "Who?" (Printable PDF or Digital)

$11.97 USD
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Now you can teach them to ask questions by using vibrant images that will capture their interest! Presented in a simple, easy to use format, this material focuses on asking "Who?" 

These Asking Question Packets are genius. This is such a hard skill and I am super excited to print these packs (I bought a few!) and add to my classroom. Thank you for the clever products! 


Set includes asking questions packs for a total of 169 pages!!!

Each pack has at least 25 pairs of stimulus items for a total of 84 pages of 'guess the blank' fun.

Sets Included: Who?

      • Occupations Customizable one step to insert your student's faces!  (or celebrity/ character faces!) 
      • 2 Set include 25 sets each of asking "who?" PHOTO sets

After students successfully ask "Who?" they get to see the answer immediately! Great for both individual work and group work.

This material is "no prep" and may be printed OR conveniently presented on a computer or tablet.

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Customer Reviews

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Michelle Betcher
Fun Resource

This was a great activity that I have used with a student for comprehension of times of the day. She loves the pictures!

Melissa Cline


Stephanie Risorto

This is such a great resource for asking why questions!

Ms Ks Class Creations

A helpful resource to practice differentiating between different 'wh' questions.

Kerin Griswould

This is a great tool to help students ask questions!


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