Cut and Paste Blending Compound Words: Phonemic Awareness Activity

$4.97 USD

Cut and Paste Blending Compound Words: Phonemic Awareness Activity

$4.97 USD
Product description

Unlock the power of compound words with this 70-page collection of printable cut-and-paste compound word worksheets!

This fun, engaging resource is designed to boost your students' phonemic awareness and blending skills.

With step-by-step instructions and plenty of practice opportunities, these worksheets are perfect for both teachers and parents alike!

Here's what this amazing resource has to offer:

  • Improved phonemic awareness and blending skills
  • Breaking down longer words into smaller chunks for better understanding and processing
  • Improved reading, listening, and speaking comprehension
  • Development of vocabulary meaning with direct practice activities
  • Engaging activities to make learning fun and enjoyable
  • Step-by-step instructions for easy use
  • Easy customization to fit individual needs
  • Perfect for both teachers and parents alike to use with kids
  • Printable worksheets provide a convenient way to learn

This is perfect for:

  • Literacy Centers Stations
  • Finished Bins or "I'm Finished" Work
  • Small Groups

According to Dr. Karen Erikson a leading expert of learning disabilities, and literacy instruction. "Compound words can be used to teach phonemic awareness and early blending skills to young readers.

This helps children learn how words are constructed from the smallest phonemes combined to make a word with meaning." [1]

Sample IEP Goals:

  1. (Student name) will use prompting and visual support to read 10 unfamiliar compound words correctly within 5 minutes by (date).
  2. (Student name) will correctly blend 10 compound words into whole word forms, using prompting and visual support if needed, at least 70% of the time within 5 minutes by (date).


[1] Erikson, K. (2015). How Compound Words Can Help Early Readers Blending Skills. Retrieved June 26th 2019 from

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