Come in, Go Away Halloween AAC Core Reader🎃 (Printable PDF)

$3.00 USD

Come in, Go Away Halloween AAC Core Reader🎃 (Printable PDF)

$3.00 USD
Product description

This book focuses on the core vocabulary targets “Who is it?” and “Come in/ Go Away.” 

Your student will have fun practicing core vocabulary while knocking on the door and saying "open it."

Full of friends faces/ monsters and zombies, it will keep your students guessing and engaged the entire time, while giving them plenty of opportunities to increase their language.

Why Core?

We hope you enjoy this CORE vocabulary book! This book is based on a selection of core vocabulary, or the highest frequency words in speech and writing. Remarkably, these seemingly simple words make up roughly 80% of what we say! They can be used and combined for a full variety of communicative functions (such as initiation, termination, commenting, requesting, asking, interjecting and directing others). Teaching core vocabulary allows students the chance to do more than just get their needs and wants met, but to develop authentic language skills!

Modeling and repetition are important parts of core vocabulary learning and instruction. You may notice that some products contain repetitive refrains or frequent repetitions of the same core words. This is done with the intent of getting the most repetition and practice possible while still having fun!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Whitney Mohr
Kids loved it

My kids loved this book. We even did the masks and took pictures and did a writing.

Theresa DeCraene

Great for early readers! My students loved this! The printable masks are perfect for an extension activity!

Debra Boles
I love your products

I am still having a hard time accessing the first set of pumpkins in my last purchase. Otherwise, I love your products. Saves me loads of time.

Extremely satisfied

Using it with preschoolers just starting to explore a core board. Great to introduce and practice core words, then send home for parents to model and review with their child. Nice variety of trick-or-treaters!

Thank you for your review, Jane! We're so happy to hear that you and your preschoolers are enjoying Open It Halloween AAC Core Reader. The book is a great way to introduce and practice core words, and the variety of trick-or-treaters is sure to keep everyone entertained.

Thanks again for your feedback, and we hope you'll continue to enjoy using Open It Halloween AAC Core Reader.

Brittany R

My students loved this book!!


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