SOR -all Word Family Dominoes: Rhyming

$3.00 USD

SOR -all Word Family Dominoes: Rhyming

$3.00 USD
Product description

Word Family Dominoes are an engaging and exciting game that can benefit all students, especially those in special education.

  • Teaching word families is based on the Science of Reading research
  • It enhances phonemic awareness
  • It reinforces letter-sound relationships
  • It strengthens phonological memory and auditory discrimination
  • It increases recognition of sound patterns within words
  • It develops the ability to recognize and identify rhyming words
  • It helps understand syllable structure and word segmentation
  • It introduces new vocabulary in a fun and creative way.


For students in special education, Word Family Dominoes can provide even more benefits.

  • Word Family Dominoes -ad uses a multisensory approach to teaching
  • This approach helps students with learning differences understand the connections between sounds and letters
  • The game includes visual representations of word families to aid in understanding word structure
  • Word Family Dominoes -ad encourages collaboration, communication, and problem-solving among peers
  • Students who struggle with social skills can benefit from this aspect of the game
  • Players work together to identify sound patterns and build words
  • This gives them an opportunity to practice their teamwork and communication skills in a fun and engaging way.


With the 14-page PDF included in this set, you can get started right away!

The set also offers two size options for each domino set: small (1.2 in x 2.5 in) and large (2 in x 4.1 in).

Looking for more? Choose from different word families domino sets.

Print it out, cut it up, and start playing today! For less than a cup of coffee, you'll get hours of educational fun for your students, including those in special education. Don't miss out on this essential teaching tool!


Printable Includes: 

  • 2 size options small and large dominoes 
  • 2 sets of -all word family dominoes: picture support and word only
  • Instructions for playing in a group and individually 
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