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Core Words Mega BUNDLE

Core Words Mega BUNDLE

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Core vocabulary is all the buzz in special education these days, but with good reason, these seemingly simple words make up roughly 80% of what we say
When you teach your students CORE vocabulary, you're giving them so much more than just a few words. 

You're giving them a way to communicate!


Compressed Zip File  474 MB  1,270 pages

19 Focus Core Words: Big, Little, Dirty, Clean, Go, Stop, Good, Bad, Here, There, Look, Like, Now, Ready, Later, This, That, Turn and Do. 

Each set comes with Core Books, Games, Word Work, Core Words Focus Phrases (for modeling language) 

Don't worry about the prep, we've done it for you! 

Big and Little Core Words Set 
Core Books:

  • Big or Little
  • Get Big or Get Little
  • Growing Up Little to Big 


  • Big/ Little BINGO
  • Big/ Little Matching Game

Big/ Little Word Work 
Big and Little Focus Words Posters
Big and Little CORE Phrases to Model 

Dirty and Clean Core Words Set 
Core Books:

  • Clean or Dirty?
  • Do You Like Getting Dirty?
  • Help Me Clean Now

Games: Dirty/ Clean 

Dirty/ Clean Word Work 
Dirty and Clean Focus Words Posters
Dirty and Clean CORE Phrases to Model 

Go and Stop Core Words Set 
Core Books: 

  • Come in, Go Away!
  • Go, Go, Go! 
  • Stop, Please!
  • We Go


  • Stop and Go Signs 
  • Stop, Go Game

Go and Stop Word Work 
Go and Stop Focus Words Posters
Go and Stop CORE Phrases to Model 

Good and Bad Core Words Set 
Core Books: 

  • Good Boy... Bad Boy 
  • Good or Bad
  • How Does it Look?

Games: Good Dog, Bad Dog Matching Game

Good and Bad Word Work 
Good and Bad Focus Words Posters
Good and Bad CORE Phrases to Model 

Here and There Core Words Set 
Core Books: 

  • Come Here! 
  • Elf HUNT 
  • I Want to Go... THERE
  • There it is Fairy 

Games: Here/ There Game 

Here and There Word Work 
Here and There Focus Words Posters
Here and There CORE Phrases to Model 

Look and Like Core Words Set 
Core Books: 

  • Eat Like A... 
  • Look at Me 
  • Look, Do you like it? 
  • Look, Do you like it? 2 
  • Look, Don't Look 
  • We Like to Play 

Look and Like Word Work 
Look and Like Focus Words Posters
Look and Like CORE Phrases to Model 

Now, Ready and Later Core Words Set 
Core Books: 

  • Are You Ready?
  • Get Ready
  • Now or Later?

Games: Now or Later Game 

Now, Later Word Work 
Now, Ready, Later Focus Words Posters
Now, Ready, Later CORE Phrases to Model 

This and That Core Words Set 
Core Books:

  • Don't Eat That! 
  • Get This, Get That
  • I Want That! 
  • Take this, Don't take that (Beach) 
  • Take this, Don't take that (School) 

This and That Word Work 
This and That Focus Words Posters
This and That CORE Phrases to Model 

Turn and Do Core Words Set 
Core Books: 

  • Do Your Work!
  • I do it, You do it! 
  • Turn it 
  • Who Does?
  • Whose Turn? 

Turn and Do Word Work
Turn and Do Focus Words Posters
Turn and Do CORE Phrases to Model 

+ 3 Of our Hugely Popular CORE Adapted Fairytales to get you started! 

BONUS Now includes Core Vocabulary Motivational Posters 

  • Keep Calm and Model On 
  • Keep it Simple and Keep it Core
  • All you need is CORE
  • Yes I can
  • This this. Core words
  • Give me a turn 
  • I want that now
  • I will do it!

Each poster comes in full color and printer friendly versions. 

As well as focus keyword posters to keep everyone on your team on the same page. 

Great for Independent Work Stations

When you teach your students CORE vocabulary, you're giving them so much more than just a few words. 

You're giving them the words they need to start a conversation, to comment to a friend, or to ask for something they want, or interject into a conversation.

Simply put, you're giving them the words they need to communicate
Instead of teaching your student to say- "Apple...Apple...Apple" by handing them a laminated picture of an apple.

They'll be able to say- "want more" or point and say "there" to indicate where their snack is.

Core words are the words we all use to communicate with each other every day. 
Give your students the words they need to develop true language skills, don't hold them back to simply requesting items that are in their immediate vicinity. 
Are you ready for the best part?

Teaching core words are... way easier than picture exchange systems! 
No more printing/ cutting/ laminating the same set of nouns, only to have them destroyed or lost in a few days. 
If you're teaching non-verbal students you can use a speech generating device or the low tech version- core boards (we've supplied you with a link if you don't already have one) and you just print and laminate, that's it, everything they need is just on one page, and no more moving pieces to lose, it's amazing! 
We hope you're ready to switch over, and Go CORE. This packet has everything you need to get started! 
This packet is HUGE!  It provides a plethora of resources to your students engaged and communicating. 
With CORE language the focus is on getting students to truly develop their language, by understanding the words and how they are used in conversation.
Get started with focus word sets.

This product has 19 focus words + a few our super popular CORE Adapted Fairytales to get you started with Core Vocabulary! 


All of our products are classroom tested and therapy tested- we’ve used them ourselves and know that they are effective! AdaptEd is made up of a team (SLP, OT and SPED teacher / AT Specialist) so that we can offer you the best, and the most reliable resources possible. We know how frustrating it can be to spend your hard earned money on something- only to open it and find out it’s not what you were looking for. That- this simply is not going to do anything useful for you or your students. We don’t want that- and we know you don’t either! If you’re not completely satisfied with your download email us at and let us know. We’d love to see how we can fix it!

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great for motor planning practice!

The has been a fun way to practice the motor pattern for finding core words without planning "find ___".

CORE vocab

Not only a great resource for my student focusing on CORE vocab, but my beginning readers with sight word knowledge. Great stories!!

Excited to use these in combination with our core word of the week.

Excited to use these in combination with our core word of the week.

I am really excited to use this resource.

I am really excited to use this resource. I am just starting the core vocabulary with my middle school students with multiple disabilities. Most of my students are non verbal and still struggling to communicate. I like that this resource offers more than the board maker type symbols. Those are important too, as the kids need to learn to recognize them but having realistic pictures will help make connections and help with generalization. Very cool!

What Other Special Educators Are Saying About Us

Once again the girls at AdaptEd 4 Special Ed have knocked it out of the park. These products can be used for all of my students despite the varied skill levels as they are easily adapted for different skill sets. I just love these products. My special education teachers have even started asking about where to find them.

- Nicole D.

I love how students can practice their personal information in such a fun and exciting way! This is a must have for every low incidence classroom! This has inspired me to add this as an IEP goal for my young low incidence students.

- Ashley I.

Your asking questions packets are genius. This is such a hard skill and I am super excited to print these packs (I bought a few!) to add to my classroom. Thank you for the clever products!

- Shawn S.

These books have been so helpful with my students with special needs. They take me a while to make - but so worth it. The topics are great - useful and relevant. Thank you!

- Lisa D.
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